Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dr Hauschka Summer Impressions - Cool Breeze palette - photos, swatches and make up look

Recently I got the chance to meet up with my best pal Karim Sattar (we've met twice and please check out the profile picture for the Facebook page here where his hand looks like it's somewhere it shouldn't be, but it isn't thank you very much) who was in Ireland to do some show and tell with some products from Dr Hauschka's make up range.

The natural and cruelty-free range of cosmetics is now available in Ireland and I got some bits to play around with and had to start off with the limited edition Cool Breeze palette.  It'll set you back €60 which is on the steep side but you get three big eyeshadows, two lipsticks and a mini kajal liner.  We'll ignore the little sponge/lip applicator because it's totally been lost since taking this photo and I've been using my finger to apply the lippie.

The pigmentation of the three shadows is medium but buildable and we have a warm gold shade, a medium bronze shade and a sheer teal shade that looks gorgeous layered over the mini kajal liner that comes in the palette.

The two lipsticks in the palette are frosted which usually scares me and brings me back to the 90s but on the lips, they both leave my lips looking rose gold.  This is very trendy altogether and as I don't own a Michael Kors rose gold watch, this is the closest I'll get to one for a while.

I wanted to take some of the tips and tricks that Karim used on his model that day so started off with the Kajal Eyeliner 07 (€18.00) from the Slow Mood collection, released this September.

I used shade 07 to plot out a winged cat eye shape and blended it in a little bit.  Then I applied the bronze shadow from the palette on top of the liner and applied the gold shade all over the rest of my eyelid.  A quick slick of the mini blue kajal liner under my eyes for a summery peek of colour, topped off with the teal blue shadow from the palette, blending it as I went.

On the other eye, I used shade 07 again to plot out the winged cat eye shape but didn't blend it in this time.  I took the liner below the eye too.  I applied the bronze shadow all over the eyelid and it was sheer over my lid but more pigmented over the liner.  So it's the easiest way to do a quick natural smokey eye.  I took the kajal liner along the waterline and the metallic finish of it adds the slightest hint of definition without making my eyes look smaller.

A make up look isn't a make up look without mascara, am I correct?  I used a coat of the Volume Mascara (€24.25) on my eyelashes.

Now, one of Karim's pet peeves is something that Irish women do all the time and this Irish woman went and did it again.  I can't help it!  He says that adding mascara to your bottom lashes ages you about five years but I just don't look right without it!  The Volume Mascara has a small enough brush and the formula gives me gorgeously whispy, separated, full lashes and I'm raging that I gave it to Joanne.  (Don't tell her that I totally robbed it back for this look, sisters are allowed to swap eye cooties).

So this illustrates how you can achieve at least two different looks with the one palette and if you're going to shell out €60, you want to know that you can get value for money and as a non makeup artist, if I can do this, then so can you.  One palette, two ways.  And I bet if I played around with it some more, I'd be able to come up with some more looks.  

You can find a list of stockists here on the website and have a look at more of the products on offer.

I've some more pieces from the make up range to show you soon but what do you think of the Cool Breeze palette? 


  1. Us Irish ladies can have very fair lashes and withouth mascara we can look bald ;(

    Love the palette but it's a bit spendy

    Once again I want your eyeballs

  2. Lovely post. The shade on your second eye really brings out the colour of your eyes. Love the cat shape on your first eye too. Can you just come do my make up!?

  3. Hmmmm the shades are nice but like Mags said it's a little bit spendy and I didn't feel the *need* to own it when looking at the pics. Nice bit of eyeshadow work there missus!x

  4. Have to agree with the girls above - it's a little pricey but then again, if you're living the holistic lifestyle this would be worth it. Love the pics, you look great!


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