Friday, July 20, 2012

Lovely Manly Dangly Bits - the boys review David Beckham Instinct Sport and Guess Seductive Homme

We very well know that I can't review menly scents, so I bullied my brother and Joanne's boyfriend into trying these two smellies recently.  Father's Day is a toughie for us in Casa Girlie Bits so we didn't feature this at the time, but sure there are lots of other times during the year that you might be looking for something for the men in your life eh?

Starting off with David Beckham Instant Sport.  I knew that this one would be going to Joanne's fella Will as my dad used to be a massive Liverpool supporter and so the whole family is whether we like it or not.  So there was no way in hell Stephen would squirt anything on him that had anything remotely to do with Man U, so Will was made try this!  With top notes of ginger ale and mandarin, heart notes of ozone (what?!) and violet leaves and a base of cashmere, patchouli and sandalwood, this scent is gorgeous, even to Joanne and me.  It's zesty, citrussy and perfect for summer.

So what did Will think of it?

"I really like the Beckham aftershave as I love how long it lasts.  I put it on just before work and can still smell it in the evening when I get home.  It smells quite citrusy maybe even more like orange most of all. Throughout the day the citrus wears off and leaves a fresh clean smell.  Having never worn a Beckham aftershave I can safely say I would buy this one again."

Coming in at a very reasonable €19.99, as much as it kills us to say (only on a Liverpool/Man U front), we love Instinct Sport.

Our brother Stephen got stuck into Guess Seductive Homme.  With top notes of cardamom, mandarin pulp and pink pepper, middle notes of vanilla orchid and crushed violet leaves and a base of amberwood, sandalwood, skin musk and patchouli, this one was much more seductive funnily enough.  It had more warmth to it than Instinct Sport and this one was my favourite of the two.

How did Stephen get on with it?

"As a late 20-something bloke, I have amassed quite the collection of aftershaves over the years.  Not like Brian Fantana from Anchorman, but a decent amount nevertheless.  I've used all the classics; Cool Water, Pi and of course the smellies of every 18-year-old in any Dublin nightclub - JOOP!.  I'd like to think I'm going for quality now rather than quantity - such as the birthday pressie from LovelyGirlyBits and LovelyMammyBits - Tom Ford.

Thats for another day, as today I have been told (asked) to review Guess Seductive Homme.  As I've never really reviewed a smelly before, here are the cold hard facts, LovelyManlyDanglyBits style:

Whats is called: Guess Seductive Homme
Day or Night smelly: Night
Type of Smell: Opposite to Citrusy...
Lastability (What? Its a word...): Probably around the 2 hour mark.
Sex Panther Rating: 7/10"

Let the record show that Stephen coined the possible spin off from Lovely Girlie Bits - Lovely Manly Dangly Bits and he has agreed to review some other manly things, not necessarily for dangly bits.  

Thanks so much to Will and Stephen for being our guinea pigs and we hope you liked our first installment of Lovely Manly Dangly Bits!


  1. Brilliant - look how many words you got out of then - I got about 4 - we too are a Liverpool house (well actually we are shelbourne first and formost)

  2. Bahahahaha - great reviews lads and spot on too. Casa Cherry is a Liverpool family too and there was no hesitation in drowning themselves in Instinct Sport. It's the most surprising 'sleb' fragrance I've ever tried.

    Lahhhve it :)

  3. Great review lads, really enjoyed that - Lovely girly bits coming up trumps again :o)

  4. hahahaha... can you keep the sex panther rating cos that is genius!

  5. Lorraine HolmwoodJuly 20, 2012 at 2:35 PM

    LOL...brilliant review!

  6. G'wan the boys! This was brilliant, I never thought I'd be entertained by an aftershave review! I think the Beckham ones get a bad rap sometimes, most of them smell fairly nom on a dangly person :)

  7. I stopped reading after Lovely Manly Dangly Bits and just giggled..


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