Thursday, July 12, 2012

Matching your nail polish to your...

Most of us ladies have done a bit of matchy matchy when it comes to nail polish, be it matching it to your lipstick, handbag or even shoes. 

In fact, last week one of the girls from work asked if I'd do her nails before she headed off to a wedding. "Of course!" I said. "What colour are we thinking?" "Red" she said, "To go with my clutch and shoes". Sorted. So I brought in three different shades of red that she could choose from and she ended up picking this one from Leighton Denny. Gowjus.

So yeah, the traditional matchy matchy thing is grand and all. But recently something happened to me that I still get mortified when I remember it and of course I'm totally going to tell you.  But let us never speak of it again.

A few months back I was going to an event at lunch time and had my nails beautifully painted in preparation for said event.  It was a gorgeous coral OPI shade, I can't remember the name due to trauma of what I'm about to tell you, but I was in The Love with it.  Due to the fact that I'm trying really hard to drink my water these days, it means that I have to have a lot of widdle breaks and thankfully the loo is close to my office.

Anyway, whilst in the eau de toilette (that's what I call it) I realised "Ah would you look at that, my nails are the same colour as my knickers" and promptly did what I had to do and came back to the office and tweeted about it like you do.  I continued on with my work and then went to the event where I was introduced to Andrea Smith, Editor of RSVP magazine and the RSVP website who upon hearing my name, said "Oh you tweeted something earlier that made me laugh".  And instantly I knew.

My eyes widened, my face froze and I kind of stopped breathing and my internal dialogue was a little something like this: "OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodSheKnowsAboutMyKnickersPleaseLetMeBeWrongAndLetMeHaveSaidSomethingElseFunnyWhatAreYouThinkingOfCourseItsAboutYourKnickersYouGobshite".

So with a pained wince and the lack of ability to say every letter in each word, I said "Oh wa' i' abou' my knickers an' my nails"?  And she broke her heart laughing.  And I started laughing too from scarletness.  Morto isn't the word.  Then she asked to see my nails and as I offered a front row view of my nails, my internal dialogue was silent.  It held it's breath.  I blinked.  Was she going to...?  Yes, yes she was.... I would have if I was in Andrea's position.... She asked to see the knickers for proof... So I showed a little peek at the top and it was confirmed that my nails did indeed perfectly match my knickers.  And I knew this would be a funny story to tell everyone.

Of course we had the laughs on Twitter about this later in the day as I regaled the story and Mags said that they'd all know from now on what colours my knickers were by having a squizz at my nails and I said back to her, sure you'll know what the story is if I've no nail polish on....

Do you match your polish to stuff?   Like your car or something equally as random?


  1. This made me giggle a lot!!

  2. I think you started a trend - matchy knickers mani ... Ahhh I remember that I am still laughing

  3. That's hilarious! Really enjoyed that whole post!

  4. Hahahahahahaha, you're an absolute LOON! Love that turquoise mála too. Have to say I don't usually match my polish exactly but it's usually in the same family of colour as what I'm wearing, I'm a little bit nuts like that..

    1. I don't do matchy matchy really either, well not on purpose... Scar-LOT


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