Monday, July 2, 2012

My Favourite Five Posts of the Week! 01/07

Sorry this is a bit late lovely readers.  It was a mad weekend but a good one, but better late than never!  So without further ado, here are My Favourite Five Posts of the Week from my fellow bloggers.

1. Mags is one of my favourite bloggers and pals who I've met through the whole beauty blogging thing.  She never ever fails to make me laugh in person and in her posts and this one about her fake tanning experience had me giggling the whole way through.  A little back story; Mags was a leeeeedle bit scared about getting her first ever spray tan and because I'm so bold, I had to have a little fun with her and told her not to worry about taking before and after photos, that the salon she was going to did their own... I may or may not be giggling as I type this... So she sent me a frantic text back saying "WHAT?!?! Please tell me you're messing".  I could have stopped there but no, the boldness in me was too strong, so I texted her back saying "Oh it's ok, they'll crop the head off you in the photos for privacy".  Poor Mags then had a nightmare about the whole thing that night and I felt a bit bad, only a bit!

2. Just look at this post and the photos..... Christine from Temptalia has done it again with another stunning post featuring the MAC Heavenly Creatures Mineralize Eyeshadows and I drool every time I read this post (I've read it about 8 times and will read it many more times I'm sure).  Based on her post, I now want Magnetic Attraction just because it is absolutely stunning and I would just sit and look at it more than actually use it.  I also want Aurora and Earthly for actual use!

3. One of my most favouritest nail blogs ever is Scrangie and this week I immediately fell in love with China Glaze's On Safari Collection.  She has the most amazing swatches of the polishes and I think, no, I know, I need I Herd That and I'm Not Lion in my collection.  Go look at the swatches and you'll see why I'm in The Love.

4. I'm not a big lover of Topshop but after seeing CherrySue's post on Blitz, a stunning metallic fuchsia shade that needs to be in my life stat!  I love metallics, I love duochromes and I love bright, in your face polishes.  Blitz will be mine!!

5. I love love love Chanel and couldn't click on Emma's link fast enough when it popped up in my reading list!  Fluff and Fripperies' Emma has swatches of some Illusion D'Ombres and a nail polish, Delight, that I need to have now.  Keep your eyes posted this week for a little Chanel somethin' somethin' I picked up on Saturday in town!

My week in review

This week was a quiet one event wise and I was secretly thankful for that!  I was exhausted the whole week but kept going somehow!  This week I'm planning to be in bed early but Twitter makes it so hard, there are so many funny people on there that help me procrastinate like nothing else!

I was thrilled to be asked to write a feature for the new RSVP website and I got my thinking cap on right away.  Click here to read all about it and let me know what you think!

On Friday night I went to The Prairie Dawg's launch of their second album, Halfway to Poughkeepsie and had a blast!  One of my best pals, Eileen, is in the band and we've watched them grow and evolve into a brilliant band.  Click here to listen to Dirty Little Mind.

On Saturday night, CherrySue and I went to the comedy night for Temple Street Hospital in Vicar Street and we had a proper laugh and a drinky poo or two.  David O'Doherty has been one of my favourite comedians for years now and it was great to see him again.

I hope I've given you a few new blogs to follow everyone.  I'm on the hunt for some new blogs to follow, so feel free to leave any recommendations in the comments below and I'll be sure to check them out.  Thanks dudes!


  1. Thanks for the mention- can I say until I read your post I genially thought that they just forgot to take a before and after picture- you had me fooled ye messer - or I am a bit dim- bit of both ;)

  2. Thanks for the shout out M'Lady, still on the hunt for that wrinkle remover David O Doherty was signing about :D

    Loving that Prairie Dawgs tune too!

    1. Not a bodder! We must keep an eye out for that product for sure!

  3. Hey there, you could always check out my blog if you want ;-) Loving your blog by the way, it's definitely on my list of blogs to catch up on regularly :-)


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