Friday, July 13, 2012

The One where Lovely Girlie Bits met Claude Defresne from Clarins - smokey eye look!

You get a bunch of beauty bloggers in a room and we're loud, chatty, laughing and basically completely raucous.  You get a bunch of beauty bloggers in a room with Clarins make up artist Claude Defresne and there is silence.  You can hear a pin drop.  We hang on his every word.

And this is the man himself.  Bonjour Claude, ca va?  Ooh la la...

International make up artist Claude was in Ireland yesterday to tell us all about what's coming up for Autumn 2012 from Clarins.  I'll be talking more about the products next week but had to show you what the make up maestro did with some of the products.

He took a model from this to this!

He applied the Skin Illusion mineral foundation all over the face and then got to work on the eyes, his 5 minute smokey eye.  He started off by applying some Kohl Eye Pencil along the lashline and smudged it in.  Then he applied one of the Ombre Minerale shadows on top of the liner.

He used a lighter shade in the crease and then added more of the purple.  In my mind, more is more, none of this less is more baloney.  He used some more of the Kohl Eye Pencil along the lashes to define the lash line.

He took the Kohl Eye Pencil under the lower lash line and applied the purple Ombre Minerale on top of it.

Then came the star of the show.  The product I've been looking forward the most to seeing and it was the 3-Dot Liner.  It's pretty special and expect a full post on it soon.  He used it to tightline the upper lash line and add a cat eye flick on the eyelid.

Next was face time and he applied the Colour Accents Face & Blush Powder to the cheeks, finishing the look off with one of the Rouge Prodige lipsticks.

And there we had it, the completed look!  

They had make up stations set up for us to get stuck into the products and oh my did we play.  This is what I came up with and it kind of looks a bit like Claude's look, but much more shoddy.  But lads, there was a photographer taking photos of us with no make up on, paparazzi style!  Keep an eye out on the Clarins Facebook page for the photos and don't slag me if you see any of moi.

It's really hard to put make up on without making faces.  You know.  Those faces when putting mascara or eyeliner on.  Eyebrows raised, mouth wide open.  But we had a ball trying and everyone came out looking tres belle!

Keep an eye out for more information on the Autumn 2012 collection from Clarins next week.  It's gorgeous.



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  2. The model lokos absolutely stunning! Makes me want to try out the mineral foundation!! And the purple eyeliner with the mineral shadow on your lower lash line looks very pretty! I've been a big fan of their purple liner for years now, I keep repurchasing it! x

    1. I love purple shadows myself, makes my eyes really green, must check out their purple liner x

  3. How weird was it slapping makeuP on with somebody taking your picture? Your eyes look stunning the colour is amazing on you - ye bitch ;)

    1. fanks missus,you know me, I kept wanting to add more and more make up!

  4. Fantastic post Lady! Your photos are always brilliant. I haven't attempted the 3 dot liner yet. I scared.

  5. Still not over Claude's va-va-voom, meow French men! Your photos are fab, they totally beat my shaky-shaky ones! :)

    1. Leanne, I was nearly fainting from holding my breath every time I took a shot so it wouldn't be shaky hehe


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