Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Purple gradient sparklicious nails

I couldn't help it.  I'd painted my nails with L'Oreal's Wild Purple from the Miss Candy collection and I needed a bit of sparkle.  I blame the weather and I needed a bit of a pick-moi-up so out came this gorgeous polish I picked up at the Irish Beauty Trade Show earlier this year, OPI's DS Temptation.

I applied two coats of L'Oreal's Wild Purple and then got out one of those rubbish sponge tip applicators that they insist on giving us in eyeshadow palettes.  I used it to apply DS Temptation onto the tips of the nails and worked towards the base, making it lighter as I went, thus achieving a gradient effect.  It's a grand and effective way to make sure the glitter polish feathers out a bit as it goes towards the middle of the nail. 

This technique is easy and is a grand way to get an extra day out of your manicure if you've a bit of tip wear or chipping.  DS Temptation doesn't show up true to form colour wise in photos, surprise surprise.  The blue glitter is much stronger when in real life, the purple glitter stands out making it a perfect match for Wild Purple.

Do we like a bit of sparkle?


  1. Fabulous! I'm all about the glitter - poiple glitter? Even better!

  2. Blinded by gorgeous glitteryness! Love it. God knows we need something to brighten the days up lately, mother nature ain't doing it!

  3. It's cadburys glitter nails LOVE


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