Monday, August 20, 2012

Bargain of the week!

It's scientifically impossible to go into Dealz and cone out empty handed.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  But when you see Revlon polishes for €1.49 when they're usually €8.99 or thereabouts, you do what is right.  You do what is in your heart.  You buy the shaggin things.  And these are the ones I picked up.

Revlon Royal Cloak (L)  Revon Fire Fox (R)  €1.49
I love purple and red polishes, especially as the summer has gone bye bye and bargains like this make it a bit easier knowing that the days will be getting shorter and all that.  If you want a closer look at them, let me know in the comments below but for now, you're getting a swatch on one of those nail wheely things.

I also picked up this oil-free sheer colour tinted moisturiser from Stila.  Come on, €1.49!  When I was in Dealz before, they'd only the dark shades but medium is perfect for me and I'll be giving this a go over the coming weeks.

So I know I didn't need any of these but I felt like I'd treated myself properly and for under a fiver.  Can't go wrong with that eh?

Were you shopping over the weekend?  Any bargains to be had?


  1. Found on HelloCotton. Hehe. Never heard of Deals. Is it just a European chain? Jealouuuus.

    1. Hey Bethany, in the UK it's the same as Poundland, very bargainous altogether!

  2. Best bargains EVER I must get to dealz

  3. Saw the stila aswell,got the moisturiser for my mum,also picked up mark hill dry shampoo,so cheap I couldn't resist.they do a great dupe of bio oil called rescue pol,in the bio oil scent or a
    Lovely cocoa butter and vitamin version.for 1.49 you can't go wrong!

  4. I have only recently found out that there's a Dealz near me, someone should probably ring them and warn them...

  5. Lads i need to find One of these dealz stores and get my ass down there! Love the revlon polishes karen,Great shopping!!

  6. I have always loved Revlon nail polish. It lasts forever!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I got the Stila tinted moisturiser last week, was delighted with myself. Until on day 2 my poor face reacted to it and turned into a flaky tomato. Did get some Revlon nail lace though.


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