Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Estee Lauder Pure Color - Smashed photos and swatches

I am obsessed with purple nails in the autumn.  I don't know what it is about them but the deeper and vampier, the better.  If it has some sparkle in it too, then slap my ass and call me Sally.  I'm sold!

While out doing a bit of shopping last weekend with CherrySue, we wandered from counter to counter having the chats, doing some art on the backs of our hands with all the gorgeous products.  Our meandering came to a stop, however, when we reached the Estee Lauder counter, and more specifically, the nail polishes.  They have so many gorgeous new shades out now and we tested out each and every one on the back of some card, waiting for each other to say "Oh I'm going to get this one", therefore making it only grand for the other to buy the one she wanted too.  It was either both or neither.

We both bought one.  And this is mine.  The shade Smashed spoke to me as only a nail polish can.  In it's thick glass bottle with golden cap, I needed it in my life and on my nails.

In the bottle there it doesn't look that exciting, but just look at this.....

We're talking a deep purple base, chocked full of blue, purple and pink shimmer that is so multidimensional, it makes it impossible to catch it's absolute beauty properly in photographs.  You need to go to the counter and see this ladies.  I did my best with eleventy million photos and none of them did it justice.

With the flash on, the shimmer is stunning but in day light, the polish almost looks like the night sky, or like a galaxy far far away.  When in fact it's just a nail polish that's on my nails.  But you know what I mean!  In the sun, it shimmers beautifully so enjoy that if the sun actually decides to make an appearance.

It set me back €20 but I believe this is now the nail polish that all other autumnal polishes shall be compared to.  

There are ten new shades altogether so head on over to your Estee Lauder counter to investigate and let's hope Sue shows us her purchase soon.  It's a stunner!

Update!  I was playing around with a topcoat and just look at Smashed all matte and gorgeous.  It looks all soft and velvet and now I love it even more.  Le sigh...



  1. Oh my divine lord its wheres my wish list...

  2. So pretty but so spendy but so pretty (a little insight to how my mind works )

    1. Now mags, I have to ax you a question.... If it was Stila would you buy it? hehehe

  3. OH MY GOD that is amazing! I love it! I am also obsessed with purple, and purple and sparkly *drools*


  4. When I saw swatches of this one I just had to have it, it speaks to me too...Thanks for sharing.


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