Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Flormar SuperShine Lip Gloss Shade 103 review, photos

While on a recent trip to my local chemist, one that hasn't been repeated since as I will spent an absolute fortune in the snap of a finger, I picked up this lip gloss.  This is everything I love in a gloss.  It has cute packaging.  It has a brush applicator.  It's a coraly orangey pinky colour.  It has glitter.  Need I go on?  Oh and it was €5.99.

Let's get up close and personal.  The gloss itself is thick without being sticky and feels really luxurious on the lips.  The swatch below on my arm looks like it's got crazy glitter in it but fear not, on the lips it's more muted and adds a bit of sparkle without me looking like I'm 12 at a disco.  Yeah, I said disco.  I'm that old.

The brush gives good control and the gloss feels really comfortable on my lips thanks to the shea butter.  It makes my lips look fuller and the colour has just enough pizzazz (seriously, what is wrong with me today, first I say disco and now pizzazz?) to add interest to my lips without making me feel too self conscious.

This has not been off my lips since getting it a couple of weeks ago and has made itself very comfortable in my handbag.  Love it and if you come across a stand, check it out.  I'm all about budget brands and was excited to see a new one join the ranks of Essence and Catrice to help us save a few bob but still play around with make up.

Click here to visit the Flormar Ireland Facebook page.

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  1. Thats lovely karen,does it last long after you apply it? Must check this brand out x


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