Thursday, August 16, 2012

I need your help!

Hey everyone.  It's a bit of a different post today.  I was recently nominated for the Blog Awards Ireland and thanks an absolute million for those who nominated me.  You're brilliant!  One of the categories I was nominated for was for the Best Blog Post and I need to send them the link to what I think is my best post and that's where I need your help.  You're the readers and the lovely folk who comment and keep me plugging away and this little blogaroonie!

So, I'm going to post the links to some of my favourite posts and can you help me pick one to send on by Friday night?  I'll be yizzer best pals.  I've over 600 to choose from and if you think of any other ones just leave a comment below.

1. A letter to 19 year old me.

2. Black and neon nails tutorial.

3. My Favourite Five where it's actually just one favourite but I have lots of thoughts on it!

4. My beloved Azure Blue eye pencil from YSL.

5. Origins Plantscription Eye Treatment review with before and after shot.

Thanks a million everyone!


  1. My favs are
    1- Azure Blue eye pencil from YSL

    2-Letter to 16 year old me

    3-Neon Nails Tutorial (only cos they is my nails!)

  2. A letter to 19 year old me, without a doubt x

  3. your letter to 19yr old you or Azure eyes :)

  4. A letter to 19 year old me

  5. I wish I could help, but unfortunately I think that I haven't followed your blog long enough! :( Wishing you the best of luck though!! x

  6. Deffo letter to 19 year old self - you nearly made me cry with that one and most of the time you make me laugh

  7. I love the nail tutorial, but mainly that's because I am useless with my nails so I am totally jealous and marvel at anyone who is so good :) Also it really speaks about the beauty nature of your blog. They're all great, you can't go wrong with any of them.



  8. Defo letter to 19 year old me x

  9. Definitely your letter. Beautifully written. I started reading your blog everyday after reading that post. Well done Karen, you really deserve to be nominated. Fingers crossed that you win! Clare x x

  10. letter to 19 year old self is fab
    NY one got me all excited and wanting to visit NY.. but go with the letter, it was heartbreakin and heartwarming to read

  11. Thanks so much for all the comments guys, you're so good to have taken the time to help moi! I submitted the letter so let's see what happens!


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