Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Incoming! The Copper Collection from Inglot

One of my favourite things about autumn, besides the return of X Factor, is autumnal make up.  I am obsessed with rich colours like deep reds, vibrant purples and rich coppers.  Cut to me in Inglot last weekend with CherrySue drooling over the gorgeous eyeshadows and covering ourselves in swatches of rich harvesty shades perfect for autumn.  Not that we ever really had a summer.  But I'm going to make the most of autumn and start working on using these gorgeous shades!

The Copper Collection sounds like it was made for me, comprising of a lip paint (€14), lip sleek (€12), lipsticks (€13), liquid eyeliner (€12) and my favourite, the five square freedom palette (€36).  I can already see those eyeshadows on my eyes... I mean look at them... aren't they stunning?  And as I type this and look at the photo, my face is about a foot away from the screen and there may or may not be some heavy breathing...

The Copper Collection is in stores now and if you're in the Jervis Centre this weekend the 11th and 12th of August, they'll have 50% off the round Freedom palettes, 3 for 2 on nails and lots of other birthday bargains!


  1. Ohhh no I should not have read this..my bank balance is crying in fear!!.xx

  2. The freedom palette looks amazing! My kind of colours xoxoxo

  3. And now I'm thinking about them again... They are STUNNERS with the golds and greens. WANT!

  4. What's the yoke on the left?

    1. It's a lip gloss that comes in a little test tube bottle, so cute!

  5. Actually excited for the rusty browns etc of autumn makeup despite the massive rant I had about seasonal makeup in spring! I really am excited for this kind of colour palette...:)

  6. Ah this is the one I bought over here last month! They told me it was called the summer collection, ha! There's some up close pics on my blog under the 'pretty inglot' post. The shadow's are amazeballs x


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