Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Favourite Five 26/08

Another mad week so it was and I'd barely any time to catch up on my favourite blogs but of course I found time to see what inspired me, made me go ooh and made me want to buy stuff!

Siun over at Trickling Beauty has fantastic taste when it comes to jewellery and you'll see what I mean here.  Bargaintastic and she's great at putting pieces with clothes to make them look even better.  Teach me your ways Siun!

I found this blog, The Swatchaholic, this week and have been transfixed by the gorgeous swatches and sheer amazingness of her photos.  I just had to go click on this link again to admire the glitter in this polish and I defy you not to get sucked in yourself!  I know this next post was back in May but just look at it...... STUNNING!

Everyone knows I love an aul gadget and when I saw this product, Liquid Palasade over on British Beauty Blogger, I immediately added it to my list of things to watch out for.  Even better that it's for nail art!  Nice spotting Jane!

Ah Scrangie, here you go again making me want more polishes.  This time it's the Spicy Dream Collection from Jessica and where I'm not a fan of the last polish which kind of looks like poo, the first three have my name all over them!  I love autumnal colours on the nails.  Bring it on Jessica!

Cindy knows I've been having problems in the eye make up remover department and has found a really cheap and cheerful one for me to try and it doesn't sting!  I can't wait to head to my chemist and pick this baby up to try it out with my sensitive eyeballs.  Thanks Cindy!

Have a good week everyone!  I've a busy one ahead myself so will be spending today trying to get organised for it.  It's so hard because it's so sunny!  Maybe I'll mosey into town for a bit and get colour matched for the new Giorgio Armani foundation that I had a squizz at last week?  More on that this week.

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