Monday, August 13, 2012

My Favourite Five posts of the week!

So the second week of the Olympics eh?  It was a brilliant one for Ireland and the cherry on top was the fabulous Katie Taylor taking home a gold for us!  What will I do without the Olympics to watch every day?  I'll most likely be a lot more productive in life!  I've some big ideas brewing in my noggin and it's time to knuckle down and get cracking.

Here be my Favourite Five posts of the week by my fellow bloggers that stuck with me and inspired moi throughout the week.

1.  I love really simple make up looks and Shifa from Get Gawjus! has the most gorgeous modern smokey eye using just one eyeshadow from Burberry.  I need it in my life and on my eyeballs.  Stat!

2.  We all know I'm constantly colouring my hair and changing it just because.  When I saw Laura of Buy now, blog later and her new hair colour, I was immediately inspired and am now contemplating going darker again.  What do you think?  Should I?

3.  CherrySue is showing us how to wear bronze on our visages, nails and tells us how to wear it in such a way that we won't end up looking like a bronze medal.  I love all things bronzey so have of course added many of these products to The List Of Things I Want But Absolutely Don't Need.

4. I'm obsessed with The Sunday Girl and her millions of reviews she posts every day!  This nail polish from Angelica needs to be in my collection immediately.  It's a party on your nails and is only a couple of euro from Penneys.  Get on my nails!

5.  Speaking of nails, Make up Savvy is hosting a 15 day nail challenge and I've been completely and utterly inspired by everyone's manicures!  This one found a little place in my heart.  I'm a big fan of gradient nails and would have never tried a peachy pinky one.  Until now.  Feast your eyes on this!

So that's it for this week folks!  I hope you had a lovely start to August and here's to a busy week ahead!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out M'Lady, really love these posts. I'd never seen Get Gawjus before - that Burberry is stunners!


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