Monday, August 20, 2012

New - Beautiful neutral polishes from Avon - Pink Creme, Perfectly Flesh, Vintage Boutique, Naked Truth

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a fan of nudey polishes.  Ones I've tried in the past have made my sausage fingers look like BBQ sausage fingers and that's not a good look.  Ever.

Last week I was introduced to a bunch of new shades from Avon's nailwear pro range and I'm going to show you the neutrals first because they were the ones that surprised me the most.  I knew I'd love the others just by looking at the bottles but was hesitant to try these ones.  Well, you can smack me upside the head because these are gorgeous.  I mean it!

Avon Nailwear Pro L-R: Pink Creme, Perfectly Flesh, Vintage Boutique, Naked Truth €8

First up is Naked Truth.  To me, this is the nudiest of them all but although it looks more taupe in the photo below, it's more warm in real life and has a peachy undertone to it.

Avon Nailwear Pro - Naked Truth €8
Next up is Pink Creme.  I know it's not technically a neutral shade but I lumped it in with the neutrals and you'll see why when I show you the rest of the new polishes soon.  Pink Creme is a gorgeous blue toned baby pink that needs three coats to be fully opaque.  I let each coat dry properly so there's no dragging when applying the next coat.  This is the type of shade that will make your tan look even darker and for that, I love me some Pink Creme!
Avon Nailwear Pro - Pink Creme €8
Perfectly Flesh is pale peachy/rosey/nudey shade that adds a hint of colour to the nails but has the warmth to not make it look like you've mannequin fingers.  Nobody likes mannequin fingers.  Do they?  
Avon Nailwear Pro - Perfectly Flesh €8
Last but not least is Vintage Boutique, a dark mushroom shade that is chic with a capital C.  So Chic then.  Office friendly and a dupe for OPI's Metro Chic.  So that's where I got the chic from!  
Avon Nailwear Pro - Vintage Boutique €8
These four polishes are available now from Avon reps and check out Lucky Penny here which will be available mid September.  We're being spoiled for choice with Avon!  I've lots more shades to show you so stand by!



  1. The Vintage Boutique shade is really nice I didnt think Id like a brown shade

  2. You saved me from many wrong avon orders! Thank you :)


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