Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New! Korres Hair Care Line

To say I'm obsessed with shampoos and conditioners would be an understatement.  Seriously.  I sometimes think I should do a proper What's In My Shower - The Haircare Only Edition post and then I look with a normal person's eyes and think no, you guys would abandon the blog forever.  I can't help that there are half empty bottles littering my shower but you know what?  It's never going to change so I of course couldn't wait to add a new range to the family!

Greek brand Korres have released a new hair care collection and I've been testing out the Liquorice & Urtica Shampoo for oily hair and the Aloe & Dittany Conditioner for normal hair.

Left: Korres Aloe & Dittany Conditioner (€11.50), Right: Korres Liquorice & Urtica Shampoo (€11.50)
First up, let me talk about packaging.  I've spoken about this before and about my love for shampoo and conditioner bottles that look different.  This just makes me happy knowing that I don't have to look at what's what, especially with the Greek language there on the front.  Shampoo is in bottle, conditioner is in tube.  Sorted.

The Liquorice & Urtica shampoo thankfully doesn't smell like liquorice.  I've a weird aversion to that scent ever since ten penny bags were the norm and I'd always get four Blackjacks in mine when all I wanted were Fruit Salads.  It has an earthy smell that is nice and light and it foams up beautifully.  The urtica and liquorice helps regulate sebum production for the oily scalped ladies out there like myself and I will hand on heart say that since using it, I've been able to get away with washing my hair every second day and that's without the use of dry shampoo on the non-washing-my-hair day.

The Aloe & Dittany conditioner is lightweight and is very gently scented.  I like to squeeze a half a golf ball sized into my hands and spread it throughout the lengths of my hair, leaving it for about 3-5 minutes.  Once rinsed, I can feel the difference in my hair and even more so when I go to dry it.  My hair doesn't tangle and together with the shampoo, I've shiny, healthy looking hair that has lots of volume at the roots with ends that look like I've had a good chop!

Although these were sent to me, I'll definitely be purchasing them myself and will be investigating the rest of the range that include Sunflower & Mountain Tea shampoo, conditioner & hair mask for coloured hair (€11.50 each), Almond & Linseed shampoo, conditioner and hair mask for dry or damaged hair (€11.50 each).  My mam is testing out the Laurel & Echinacea shampoo (€11.50) for dandruff and dry scalp so we'll report back on that.

The Korres Hair Care line is available in Harvey Nichols Dundrum or www.HarveyNichols.com so go forth and try them out!



  1. I wish all shampoos and conditioners were different from each other! I'm loving L'oreal ever pure range but both in tubes and hard for a really short sighted person like me to squint in the shower at them! This range looks fab!!

  2. Good shampoos and conditioners.I want to try these products and test them so that we can continue with these.Do you have any trail versions?

  3. very nice sharing regarding hairs find out more hairs care and remedies on beauty tips


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