Friday, August 10, 2012

Rosy posy - rose scented products from Nuxe, The Body Shop and Weleda!

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Rose Festival in St Anne's Park and had a ball.  The atmosphere was great and I got so caught up in it that on the first day, I forgot to go look at the roses, the star of the show!  I went back the following day and walked though the rose garden, inhaling the scent that shoots me right back to when I was a kid and our idea of playing was to be out in the garden, making our own perfume.  Yes, that must be where my perfume obsession came from!  Rose petals in water, the first "perfume" of every girl in my area back in The Day.

Today there are rose scented products everywhere and I don't have to go out and pilfer a single rosey bloom! 

Recently I told you all about the rose cleansing range from French skincare brand Nuxe and I'm still using them all the time and loving them lots.  Click the link there to see the full run down of what's available and there really is something for everyone.  Each product is delicately scented without smelling like old lady and is a joy to use.  The Micellar Cleanser is one of my favourite products of the year so far, gentle, effective and proper affordable.

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Eau de Toilette is one of five new fragrances containing 100% organic essence and globally sourced natural extracts.

Atlas Mountain Rose EDT (€25.95) contains a blend of rose, amber, musk and citrus notes and at first I'm hit with the fruity part of the scent which dries down to reveal the floral heart of the fragrance.  That's when the rose component of the scent really kicks in.  It's too strong for me but if you're a fan of rosey floral scents, then you won't be disappointed with this.  There's a matching mist that is a more budget friendly €11.95.

I'm a big fan of the Weleda Skin Food, using it a couple of times a week as a night time moisturiser and was intrigued to see how the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care Range.  These little babies found their way to me a few weeks ago and make up half of the range.

The Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream (€18.50) contains organic rosehip seed oil to nourish and revitalise and peach kernal oil to protect your skin from moisture loss.  This delicately scented day cream feels absolutely gorgeous on my skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple.  I like supple skin.  It's not greasy which means I can wash my face, put this on and then by the time I'm ready to apply the war paint, it has sunk in beautifully and my foundation goes on so much easier.  As it's suited to dry skin, I use it on days where my skin needs an extra oomph of moisture.

The Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream (€19.95) also has the organic rosehip seed oil along with wild-crafted eyebright extract (whatever that is) and organic jojoba oil to help leave you with revitalised eyes.  When I first read the ingredients, I thought this fragrance free eye cream was going to be really thick and heavy but it's actually lovely and light but leaves the skin around your eyes nourished and soothed.  The only thing that goes against it is that a pointed nozzle would make a better applicator as I tend to squeeze out too much product every time.  I'm messy, what can I say!  Also, it's described as fragrance free but I think it smells a bit like mince pies.  It's nice!

Finally the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion (€18.50) is a lightweight moisturiser that contains of course the organic rosehip seed oil and jojoba seed oil, ready to tackle the first signs of ageing.  This lotion is also gorgeous to use under my make up and is suitable for normal to combination skin.  That's me.

Are there any other rose scented products out there that I've forgotten?  Do you like them or are they too granny for you?


  1. Oh I love rose scented products! Remind me of turkish delight. Tasty :) xx

  2. Bought the nuxe foaming face wash and face mask (both from the rose range ) after reading your review of the range previously! girl in arnotts was so lovely,she gave me lots of samples.both products lovely- and v reasonably i right in Thinking nuxe are owned by clarins?

  3. I really don't like rose scented products, I think I overdosed on them in the late 80s! Jo Malone do a rose bath oil x


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