Monday, August 27, 2012

So...? Fragrances - nostalgia at it's best

Ah, hands up if So...? was one of the first scents you ever owned?  And I realise that by asking that question, we're telling a lot about our age... In order to combat feeling like an aul bridie, I jumped at the chance to review four new scents from So Fragrance and take a little trip down memory lane.

When I was younger and more naive and had no idea that many years down the road I'd still be collecting perfumes like I am.  I thought I was so cool going into the local pharmacy and coming out with a new scent like Exclamation!, Charlie Red, or So...?  They were the height of sophistication back then and everyone wanted to be the first to have the new scent!

The latest range from the So...? fragrance brand is the Rock and Roll range.  Perfectly priced at €3.99, young girls can start off their perfume collections easily.

So...? Daring comes in the red packaging and is light and sweet thanks to the grapefruit, blackcurrant, cedar wood and jasmine.  I'm not a big fan of grapefruit in scents but thankfully I can't smell any in it.  The blackcurrant is first and foremost what I smell and the slight woodiness underneath that makes sure it's not too sweet.

So...? For Me? comes in the green bottle and has strawberry, honey and almond mixed together to create this scent that transports me back to when I was a teenager again!  I can't pinpoint any of the three ingredients I mentioned above but it has that familiar powdery scent that first got me into perfumes back in the day.

So...? In Love has the pink packaging and I knew even before smelling it that it would be really sweet and fruity!  It's made up of orange, rose and sandalwood but again, I can't pinpoint any of those myself.  If I was to describe it without seeing any of the ingredients, I'd have said it had some kind of berry in it as opposed to it being citrussy or floral.  It's definitely on the sweeter end of the spectrum.

So...? Fab is easily my favourite of the four scents.  Containing notes of bergamot, jasmine, praline and musk, it smells soft and powdery.  I can smell the praline and I'd describe it as having some vanilla there too.

I have two young cousins that these will be going to as I pass the torch on to them like the Perfume Olympics.  Every girl need to start her perfume collection somewhere!

There's an Irish website coming soon so until then, check out the So Fragrance Ireland Facebook page to keep up to date on everything.



  1. The bottles are very ed hardy looking - the young girls will be rocking with these perfumes

  2. I think my cousins will be very happy indeed !

  3. wow those fragrances bring back some memories xxx lovem



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