Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Dare to Glow - Fatal Red

Now, highlighters and I have a bit of a weird relationship.  But even so, I've managed to collect lots of them over the years.  But don't wear them.  I find some too pearly, too glittery, not the right shade for my skin tone and the list goes on.

The Dare To Glow Silky Highlighting Veil arrived earlier this week and The Fear set in again.  I swatched it on my hand as you can see below and The Fear increased.  The shade Fatal Red (strange name for something that's not red) looked to be really metallic and warm on my hand but once blended properly, left my hand illuminated and radiant.  The Fear subsided.  Phew.

Yves Saint Laurent Dare To Glow - Fatal Red €40
Let me explain The Fear to you.  I am a lady of a certain age that we shall not discuss.... Suffice to say that earlier in the week I was talking to one of the girls at work about who had the ugliest Debs dress and she said to me "Sure wasn't your Debs in the 80s".... My face said it all.  Her face went purple and she hastily apologised and we had a good laugh, so while I'm not quite that old, I'm old enough to know I can't be going around looking like a disco ball.  I also don't want shiny stuff highlighting my laugh lines or any other lines on my visage.  

So I took YSL up on their challenge.  I dared to glow.  I'm a rebel like that.  And how did I get on?  Look for yourself.
Those fine lines under my eyes?  They're laugh lines yo!
I've been using the Contour Brush from Real Techniques to apply Fatal Red over my cheekbones and had to take some photos in diffused sunlight to show you the finish.  It blends beautifully into the skin leaving both a hint of colour and shimmer.  I've worn this to work every day this week and I am in The Love.  The Actual Love.  For the past few weeks I've been exhausted and barely leave myself time to apply foundation, eyebrows and mascara but I have taken those extra couple of minutes to apply this and it's totally worth being a couple minutes late!

I've played with it down the centre of my nose and bring a little across my forehead and cupids bow and even dabbed some on my lips as you can see below.  It's subtle enough to not be obvious that you're wearing highlighter but obvious enough for people to see you've a gorgeous glow about you.
Dare To Glow comes in three shades, Tempting Gold which is warm and golden, Fatal Red which is this one and Naughty Pink which is cooler.  

I love the concept behind the Contemporary Amazon range from YSL which focuses on mixing the matte with the luminous for your complexion.  Sounds like a match made in heaven! 

The Contemporary Amazon range will be available early September and I urge you to go visit it and let me know if you Dare to Glow.



  1. Ooh..this looks lovely! Highlighters always make me look a bit C3Po-ish but this looks really wearable.

  2. It's gorgeous on you, the red undertones Deffny bring out the green in your peepers, I'm going to need to swatch this toute suite!

  3. This is being nicely explained with the help of images to make it more effective.really liked the reading here.

  4. Looks fab on you a bit of glow me!is 40 quid a bit steep for such a little tube though?

  5. Wowee, that's the scariest name of a product ever. And I want some. ?!?
    Looks gorgeous on you!!


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