Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arnotts Shoe Garden - The happiest place on earth

Shoes.  I have way too many pairs.  But does that stop me from buying more?  Not at all.  And now it's going to get harder to stop myself from adding to my collection.  Arnotts have a new 10,000 square foot Shoe Garden on their ground floor and it's my little piece of heaven.  Well lit and beautiful displays make perusing a joy.  We went into town on Saturday for a little preview and oohed and ahhed over the 50,000 pairs of shoes by 47 brands and I could have stayed there all day!

Last night we popped along to the official launch of Arnotts Shoe Garden where the stunning Alicia Dixon was there to host a fun filled, shoe filled night!  Of course she had her best heels on which would be sitting down shoes for me.  Joanne was having a mosey in the Shoe Garden earlier yesterday and stumbled across Alicia doing her thing!

What better way to show off the shoes than with a little fashion show, and when I say little, I mean these models danced and boogied their little selves away up and down the grassy runway.  I was exhausted just looking at them as they shimmied and strutted to shoe themed songs!

When they stopped long enough to snap a photo, Joanne was quick on the draw.  How did they dance in these?!  I couldn't even sit down in these shoes without falling.  I love the cobalt blue boots and the leopard print ones, cute!

They have some massive scary shoes that weigh a tonne so if you're looking for a good leg workout and want to be on trend with some studs, these guys are the ones for you.  I did some bicep curls with them.

We took snaps of some of our favourites and I had to include that furry Ugg boot below.  If Bailey was a boot, that's what he'd look like.  And look at the lil baby leopard print Ugg boot!!

I want all of the Buffalo shoes, especially those ankle boots.  Lovely.

And finally, what garden would be complete without a trellis?  You can find Lipsy hanging out on the garden trellis, ready to be investigated.

If you haven't visited it already, go have a wander around the Arnotts Shoe Garden.  It's a magical place with shoes as far as the eye can see!


  1. Sounds like a great night! Alicia seems so lovely xo

  2. Oh dear, my purse will take an awful beating if I step inside Arnott's doors!


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