Monday, September 3, 2012

Color Club Alter Ego Keep It Under Cover Collection

Where would you get seven high quality nail polishes for €9.99?  TK Maxx, that's where and Joanne was nice enough to buy this stunning set for me last weekend after I announced I wouldn't be buying anything beauty products at all for the month of September.  It's now the third of the month and I'm hurting but I'll keep on truckin'!

Anyway, the Alter Ego set from Color Club has seven polishes altogether.  Six colour polishes and a Vivid Topcoat that I'm testing out as we speak.  Now that it's autumn, I tend to lean towards darker polishes and these all spoke to me.  Just look at them.

I commandeered Joanne's nails again and we got swatching for your viewing pleasure.  

Color Club - Alter Ego.  Left: No flash, right: with flash.
Alter Ego is one of those polishes that didn't translate in photos.  In the photo on the left, you can slightly see the purple base but it's the silvery shimmer that comes through.  However, in the photo with the flash, the purple base is much more prominent and the silver sparkles in the flash.  

Color Club - Secret Agent.  Left: No flash, right: with flash.
Secret Agent is a really intense purple shade that comes across more blue in the photos.  It looks really smooth on the nails and is a big hit in Girlie Towers.

Color Club - Total Mystery.  Left: No flash, right: with flash.
Total Mystery.  A total stunner and a total nightmare to photograph.  That seems to be a common occurrence with these shades.  It looks blue here in the photos but in real life, it's shot through with purple and it's one of the most beautiful shades I've ever seen.  Tell you what, I'll wear it for a couple of weeks and try and meet as many people as possible just so they can see this shade!

Color Club - Alias.  Left: No flash, right: with flash.
Alias.  One of my favourite shows years ago.  I totally wanted to be Sydney Bristow going around kicking ass.  But back to the polish.  Alias is a wonder to see.  It has purple, pink, blue, green and will probably cause you to crash your car if you're driving and trying to see the different colours in the sunshine.  Beautiful.

Color Club - Ulterior Motive.  Left: No flash, right: with flash.
Ulterior Motive.  It looks like sweeties on the nails!  It's a fuchsia pink base with blue and purple shimmer running through it and is a cutie patootie shade.  

Color Club - Masquerading.  No flash.
Masquerading is an interesting shade.  It's green with a silvery metallic finish to it and intrigues me a lot.  Not a lot of polishes make me tilt my head from side to side when looking at them.  The formulation is nice and thick on this one and it dries to almost a satin finish.  We like a lot.

Get yourself down to TK Maxx and take a look at these stunners.  They're such good value that it would be a sin not to have them in your collection.  Total Mystery and Ulterior Motive are reason enough to get the set, I promise you!


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  1. I bought this set from TK Maxx too, for £7.99 sterling. They're so pretty!I've never had the chance to try color club either so I thought they were an amazing find!x


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