Friday, September 14, 2012

Model's Own Mirrorball Collection


Just look at them.
Model's Own Mirrorball collection
L-R: Hot Stuff, Boogie Nights, Freak Out, Dancing Queen, Disco Inferno

Model's Own Mirrorball Collection is out now ladies and a bottle of the polishes that are basically a party in a nail polish will set you back €7.00.  €7.00 is nothing for polishes that have made me go "ooh" every single time I see a photo of them.  I mean, look at the lids even!

The Mirrorball Collection will bring out the inner magpie in you and I bet you a million squid* that if you have any of these on your nails, people will be grabbing your hands and fawning over them.  It looks like the glitter bits are all different shapes and sizes and although I'm on a spending ban at the moment, I might have to treat myself to one of these.  But which one.....

You can get these in pharmacies nationwide or here on the Model's Own website.

What one is speaking to you?

*I do not have a million squid to give you.  Am broke.  Need to win the lotto.  Then will buy you all these polishes with my winnings.


  1. oh look at the pink one! just look!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. These are definitely calling to my inner magpie K - they look fabulous! xo

  4. Why are you tempting me *clutches purse to chest* WHY?!

  5. JEE-BUS!! (By the by Got an Essence "topper" glitter top coat in Penneys today the image of the green one, it's stun...still want that green one above though too!)

  6. Awesome~ Time to go swatch hunting. Haha. Be horrible to get off, I bet, though.


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