Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New autumn polishes from New York Colour

Now that it's autumn, I'm saying goodbye to all my bright summer polishes and am looking forward to getting into the darker shades.  These bargaintastic polishes arrived at Casa Girlie Bits last week from New York Colour and I knew that summer was going to be a distant memory.  But I didn't care, I had lovely polishes!

Here are the NYC Expert Last Nail Polishes and they retail at €1.99.  So practically nothing... No excuse..
Left - Right: Demon Glow top coat, City Blackout, Fine Red Wine, Boundless Berry, Chelsea Cherry
The Demon Glow Top Coat is a UV top coat and due to my old age and not going anywhere that has UV light, I haven't tested it out but I shall donate it to the younger girls at work and see what they think.  I was in Madonna's in Temple Bar earlier this year and that had a UV light section which makes you just look awful!  Blonde hair goes green, freckles or blemishes go brown, not a pretty sight!

I've two In a NY Minute polishes to show you two and these are even cheaper at €1.29.... Definitely no excuse not to go out and try them...

Left: In A NY Minute - Chelsea, right: Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat.
I thought I'd show you the red polishes first.  I do love a bit of red on the nails and these polishes are a joy to work with.  They've a wide brush and in the photos below, I've only two coats of each shade on.  Fine Red Wine and Chelsea Cherry are jelly polishes where as Chelsea in the middle there is a shimmery deep red.  Delish.  Take a closer look.

Left - Right: Chelsea Cherry, Chelsea, Fine Red Wine
And on to the darker ones.  I am in The Love with Boundless Berry, anything purple at this time of year just makes me happy.  City Blackout is a plain black polish and I've topped it with Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat and this is gorgeous!  It reminds me of a clear night sky.  The top coat applies really easily and the glitter bits stay put easily enough.  An effortless manicure that will have everyone intrigued.

Left - Right: Boundless Berry, City Blackout, Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat
Affordable polishes like these ones from New York Colour make it so easy to play with different trends and not spend a fortune.  It's brands like this that are the reason I've a nail polish stash so big I could open my own shop!  

You can find NYC products in chemists, Penneys and Dunnes nationwide.  And guess what?  In 9 weeks, Joanne and I are jetting off to New York City ourselves and bringing Lovely Mammy Bits!  We can't wait, Thanksgiving, the sales, wandering and finding new places, the Rockettes.... Bring it on!

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  1. Ooh I love boundless berry, think that shall find a home with moi!


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