Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New York Color HD Color Quatro Eyeshadow Palettes - photos, swatches

I love a bargain and budgetastic brand NYC have five new eyeshadow quads, or Quatros as they call them.  And they're €3.49.  I know.  You could get all five for under €20?!

Ranging from neutrals, to greens, purples to smokey, there's not one I can't wait to get stuck in to.  Each palette has a light shimmery base, two darker shades and a smokey shadow to add depth and definition to your make up look.  The shadows are creamy, pigmented and blendable.  There's some fall out but nothing that a bit of tapping of your brush will help eliminate.

Best of Broadway is a neutral palette that was my immediate favourite on first look.  I do have a bit of a soft spot for neutrals and I like neutral looks most days going to work and this palette has made it's way into the drawer at work, ready for make up emergencies and yes, I have had lots of those!

Fashion Bootcamp has some lovely greens and will camouflage your eyes should you be in a jungle somewhere.  Or just want to create a green smokey eye.  Your choice.

I love me some purple shadows and NY Tribute has a medium shimmery purple shadow together with a darker matte shade that will be making my green eyes even greener.  The pale pink shadow makes a nice base over the lids and I can't wait to play with this one.

If you like the purples too, this next one has three different shades, one being a vibrant pinky/purpley shadow.  That's my favourite shade out of Queens Boulevard and I'll be sporting a look with this very soon indeed.

We all know I love a bit of drama on the eyes.  None of this less is more stuff, no, more is more!  And as the evenings get darker, I love to pack the colour on.  Each of the shades in the Gothic Harlem quatro are pigmented and blendable, so stay tuned for a really affordable and easy smokey eye very soon.

The HD Color Quatro Eyeshadow Palettes are most definitely worth a shot and for the price, you can pick up more than one and have no guilt!

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  1. Talk about bang for your buck! Nice range of colours, may have to go for a ponder in town ;o)


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