Thursday, October 11, 2012

Avon's Emerald Noir and Sally Hansen's Gilded Lily - what's on my nails

My new Sunday evening routine is to run around like a lunatic getting all my bits done for the next day before X Factor results and Downton Abbey starts.  I make sure my lunch is organised, clothes are washed, shower is had, I'm in my jammies and nestle down on the couch, ready to paint my nails.

I felt like a darker polish this week so out came Noir Emerald from Avon.  It felt suitably Downton Abbey-esque and on it went.

Avon Noir Emerald
Noir Emerald is a deep emerald green polish that goes on smoothly and evenly.  Two coats was plenty for me and I haven't stopped admiring them since Sunday.  It really comes to life when it catches the light and so I spent a couple of days holding my hand under lights and in people's faces so I could show them.  Bet you wish you were my friend!

After two days of constant typing, there was some tip wear and I'm ok with that.  On Tuesday night I was exhausted and didn't have it in me to take off my polish and apply another one.  So out came this stunner to save the day.  Well, save half an hour.  

I wore Gilded Lily from Sally Hansen on it's own last week and was itching to use it as a glittery top coat.  I figured, green and gold, grand jobby.  I used just one coat of Gilded Lily and it was just enough to cover Noir Emerald but still let it peek through.

This is a great way to get an extra day (or two, I'm still tired) out of your manicure!

Noir Emerald is available from your local Avon rep and Sally Hansen's Gilded Lily is available in selected pharmacies and department stores nationwide. 



  1. Great combo! My nails are a disgrace I have had the same polish on for over a week and it's chipped to feck xo

  2. Wow that Avon polish literally has our name on it


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