Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cheap and cheerful make up storage from Home Store and More

When you've amassed a ridiculously huge make up stash like myself, you need to keep track of it all in order to see what you have and continue to buy like a lunatic. 

Last year I bought one of these units from Ikea and it houses most of my stash.  I love that everything is hidden but close to me should I feel like doing a Charlotte from Sex and The City and instead of putting on an engagement ring and wandering through my massive Park Avenue apartment, I sometimes open each drawer and gaze lovingly over my collection.  What makes it even better is when I have the drawers organised and I'll be honest, right now, inside those drawers is an absolute mess.  These photos were taken in April last year and have never been so neat!

Ikea have some plastic drawer organisers but the ones I have are quite shallow and the deeper ones I have just aren't that nice.  So while wandering Home Store and More over the weekend, I came across these guys and I snapped them right up! 

These first ones are small and dinky and I figured they'd be good for either holding blushes, lip glosses or eyeliners.  They were €2.50 each so I picked four up.  They have little plastic feet on the bottom at each corner which means they won't scrape the bottom of my drawer.  It's the little things like this that make me happy!

The second set I got are bigger but have the same depth and you can see the little feet better in these shots.  They were €4.50 and I got two to start me off.

My mission is to organise my stash and have it weaned down and looking pretty.  I'll fully admit that I'm a collector of make up and that will never change, I just need to have it in better order.  So stay tuned for that and I might even do a make up collection video!

What storage tips do you have?  And what kind of storage do you have for your make up?  I need all the help I can get!


  1. I saw an article the other day about a magnetic picture frame as makeup storage! I seriously need to organise mine a bit more. Great post Karen :)

  2. I love the way you have everything organized! It's really beautiful to see!

  3. At the moment I am using three old Glossybox cardboard boxes lined up on my bathroom window shelf, with an ELF large brush holder. But I am running out of space, so I need to find another way to do it. Love your drawers!

  4. I snapped up a load of those in Homestore & More the other day too, as well as a 4 drawer plastic container in B&Q for €20 and now I can actually find all my makeup which is brill!


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