Monday, October 22, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Collection - Christmas 2012

One of the things I look forward to the most about Christmas is seeing what collections MAC have in store for us!  My stash is awash with mini sets from Christmases past and from the looks of what's coming out this holiday season, my stash will be growing a leeeeedle bit more!

Glamour Daze is one of the beautiful collections on counters in November.

The aura of couture, the drama of the dressing room, the glamour of getting ready to step out for the holidays.  Sweet to sexy, lips to nails. An unforgettable look emerges with the shimmer of MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish and Powder Blush.  Evening eyes are done in Extra Dimension Eye Shadow, Fluidline and False Lashes and, the festive finishing touches: Lipglass in Pink Fade and Nail Lacquer in Endless Night.

Want a look at the collection?  Thought so.
Extra Dimension Eye Shadow €21.50 Ready to Party (L), A Natural Flirt (R)

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow €21.50 Evening Grey (L), Divine Blue (R)
Extra Dimension Eye Shadow €21.50 Stylish Merry (L), Stolen Moment (R)

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow €21.50 Round Midnight (L) ,Tall, Dark & Handsome (R)
Fluidline €19.50 Left-Right: Feminine Edge, Catch My Eye, Little Black Bow

Left: False Lashes Mascara €26.00.  Kohl Power Eye Pencil €19.50 L-R: Raven, Orpheus, Mystery,  Feline

Lipstick €19.50  L-R: Beauty, Innocence, Outrageously Fun, Glamourdaze, Dramatic Encounter

Lipglass €19.00 L-R: Impossibly Sweet, Pink Fade, Talk Softly To Me,  Deliciously Demure, Flight of Fancy

Powder Blush €24.00 L-R: Easy Manner, I'm The One, Small Vanity

Extra Dimension Skinfinish €28.50 L-R: Whisper of Gilt, Suberb

Nail Lacquer €13.50 L-R: Endless Night, In The Limelight, Girl Trouble, Everything That Glitters
Those Extra Dimension Skinfinishes are speaking to me, as is that dazzling nail lacquer in Everything That Glitters!  I've been wanting to try Raven Kohl Power Eye Pencil for ages.  It's black with red pearl so perfect for smokey eyes!

Is there anything you fancy from the Glamour Daze collection?


  1. Gorgeous!!

    I'll definitely be picking up one or two shadows & Whisper of Gilt.

    I managed to scoop Superb from the In Extra Dimension collection & can't recommend it enough!

  2. Whisper of guilt skinfinish! Want want want! its beautiful! Normally im quite meh about Mac collections,but like this one
    Like glamourdaze lippie ,ive a fierce weakness for red lippie.Mm raven Kohl pencil has me intrigued too. karen,you'll have me broke!!

  3. Uh oh! Why did I have to see this haha :) Will have to get some things from this collection, their so gorgeous!

  4. Would like each one of those Lipglass colours! Gorgeous :)

  5. Oh be the hokey, they're very nice... I really like the look of Stolen Moment, may just be putting that on my Xmas wish list...


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