Friday, October 12, 2012

Origins Youthopia Lift Firming Cream review

Yes, I am getting on in years and no, I don't think I look it!  I know that sounds rather vain and all but the one benefit of having oilier skin is that I have less wrinkles and lines on face.

While at an Origins event a couple of months ago, I was given Youthiopia to try and after raising an eyebrow swiftly at the thought that they thought I was old (not really), I thought to myself, this is only grand, I'm going to perpetually look like I'm 25, sorted.

Origins Youthopia Lift Firming Cream
The key ingredient is Commiphora Mukul, a powerful plant that when tested in vitro, showed the ability to help increase skin's own natural production of Hyaluronic acid.  This helps your skin retain moisture and in turn keep it plump and hydrated.

The cream itself is deliciously thick and rich but isn't greasy.  To me it has a slight ginger smell to it which I love.  Most of the time I use it at night but more and more I've been using it in the morning.  Now, I apply a pea sized amount to my face and neck and massage it in like you do.  I'm not saying I feel my skin tighten faster than a Croydon facelift, but I honestly feel a difference in how firm my skin is right away.  I don't have saggy skin yet so I can't tell you if it lifted it but I can say that each and every time after using Youthopia Lift, my skin feels plumper, smoother and my foundation goes on like a dream.

Origins Youthopia Lift Firming Cream
The Youthopia Lift Firming Cream is €58 and would make a great present for the mother.  Speaking of which, I'm going to be a good child and give my mam some of this to try and will report back on what she thinks of it.  There's also an ultra-rich version of the cream for dry skin.

If I continue to use this cream, you very may well not be able to recognise me as I'll be a young looking lass again.  It'll be like I'm living my very own Benjamin Button film.  And also, I probably won't be able to review any more anti-ageing products as I'll look 18.

Fantastic cream Origins!

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