Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Roger & Gallet Gingembre Fragrant Water and Body Lotion

It was that oh so familiar story.  Girl goes into chemist on a Friday evening, just for a look (famous last words).  Girl sees the Roger & Gallet stand and of course has to have a whiff of everything.  Girl is intrigued at the word Gingembre and puts a bit of the lotion on the back of her hand.  Girl has love hearts appear in her eyes and then sprays the corresponding Gingembre fragrant water on her wrist.  Girl freaks the hell out as she knows that scent and has been lusting after it for months!  Girl decides to be good and goes home sans purchase and makes her sister smell her hand and wrist the whole way home.  The following day, girl is still obsessing over the products and 15 minutes before the chemist closes, legs it over and buys the much loved products and when asked by the sales assistants in the chemist if it's for a gift, girl says yes.  Girl is worried that sales assistants will think she's un poco loco for running to the chemist right as it's closing to buy these.

But lads, I am obsessed.  I'm sure I've seen these products before on my visits to chemists where I always visit the Roger & Gallet stands but figured it was going to be a sweet, warm, wintery fragrance and I'm sorted when it comes to those types of scents.  I was wrong.  Want to see what I bought?

Roger & Gallet Gingembre Fragrant Water & Fragrant Body Lotion
They didn't have the large version of the fragrant water so this little one was €14.50 I think.  The lotion was €17 and I know for a fact I'll be going through these two at bottleneck speed.  

So the Frenchy name is Gingembre and I've decided that it sounds like the name of a month, so forget November, next month is Gingembre.  I thought it was going to be just spicy and warm and expected visions of me smelling like a ginger bread house like on Great British Bake Off.  Instead, it's bright and there's the barest hint of fresh ginger, in this case Japanese ginger, combined with two of my favourites, neroli and bergamot.  It's a definite day time scent and I honestly believe I've got my summer scent sorted forever.  I'll totally be wearing it from now until summer because I love it so much, but this will be gorgeous to help cool you down and make you feel fresh.  As it dries down, it becomes warmer and I can smell the slightly spicy Jamaican ginger and hint of musk.

Roger & Gallet Gingembre Fragrant Water
It's light and fresh and lads, here's the clincher, the thing that made my eyeballs widen and the obsession start.  It smells just like Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino which costs around the €150 for a small bottle....  I've been lusting over that for the last 6 months or so and was going to get it next month in New York.  I don't need to now!  Roger & Gallet have saved me so much money and for that, I will be eternally grateful.  I know myself, spending €150 for a weeny bottle is crazy talk but I'm a perfume obsessive and knowing me, I'd be afraid to use it just because of the cost.  Now I can spray Gingembre to my heart's content and smell amazing!  

Now, on to the lotion.  I love clean, soapy scents.  My obsession with Narcisso Rodriguez's Essence Eau De Musk is testament to that and I still wear that all the time as the heat in the office can sometimes make me feel sleepy.  This lotion..... Oh ladies it's gorgeous.  I think it smells different to the fragrant water in that it's much, much brighter and cleaner but the two work so well together.  

Roger & Gallet Gingembre Fragrant Body Lotion
I actually feel bad for anyone who knows me because I'll be getting you to smell me as my love affair with this turns into a full blown long term relationship.  How I never tried this range from Roger & Gallet before is beyond me but I am hooked.  If you could see me as I'm writing this, I haven't stopped smiling each time I go for a whiff of my arm and wrist!

I urge you to go check this out stat and here, no excuses, I'm even giving you a list of stockists.

Have you tried this and are you excited for the month of Gingembre?!


  1. Looks great! I definitely want to try these. I'm a fan of Roger & Gallet, so I'm pretty sure I'll love these two as well :-)

    1. Deffo give it a shot next time you're in a chemist, gowjus!

  2. Ooooh, you got me feeling tres intrigued *raises one eyebrow*....must.check.out.sounds.divine! Not that I need any new fragrances :O xx

    1. Who are you telling?! I needed another fragrance like a hole in the head but when I find something that I love and obsess over like this, I can't turn it down!

  3. It's beautiful isn't it. You just prompted me to have a spray there... ;)


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