Monday, November 19, 2012

Bath time treats from Pixy, Lush, Philosophy and Aldi!

Whenever these water charges come in to effect, I'm screwed.  Over the past few weeks, I've absolutely loved having baths thanks to some fabulous goodies that found their way to moi.  I try to make the most of each bath and I usually slap on a face mask, a hair mask and get relaxing in the tub until I go all wrinkly.

All of these would make great stocking fillers or treats for oneself, your decision, although at this time of year, it's always important to follow the cardinal rule of present buying.  One For You And One For Me.

Pixy Bath Bombs - These smell gorgeous and at €9.95, you can do a few things here.  You can either give these as a Secret Santa present.  Or you could split them up into four different bath bombs and make up your own little hamper for four friends, splitting up any gift sets you pick up along the way.  I blogged about this last year so have a look to see what I mean.  You can buy these here.

Sunnyside bubble bar - You can buy it on it's own or pick it up as part of the Merry Christmas gift box (€31.95) that's literally full of glitter!  This gift box is my favourite of all of them and I've used everything from it already.  Sunnyside bubble bar turns the water into liquid gold and it's the girliest of all the bubble bars out there.  The Merry Christmas gift box also has the next product on my list.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb - This is one of my favourite products ever from Lush and even Bailey loved seeing what it was all about last year.  Check out my post here.  Suffice to say, I bought about eight of these for gifts and myself last year (€4.10)  and if you want some drama in the bath, this is the product for you!  Buy it here.

Pixy Bath Muffin - A calorie free muffin?  Don't mind if I do.  I picked up two of these from Pixy recently (€3.50)  and dutifully handed one over to the mothership as they were so cute.  This one is the Relaxing Bath Muffin and smells divine.  It has cocoa butter, shea butter and smells of jasmine and sandalwood.  Gowjus!  You can buy this here.

Philosophy Cinnamon Buns - The fact that it makes me feel like I'm having a bath in a big cozy mug of some Starbucks drink makes this my perfect It's-Freezing-Outside-And-I-Need-To-Warm-Up bath.  All I'm missing is an actual Starbucks drink.  This will set you back €17.50 but it can be used as both a shower gel and a bubble bath, and you can wash your hair with it too so technically, in the laws of Girlie Maths, it's not too bad financial wise.  You can find these in Arnotts.

Abbott & Broome Tranquil Templetree Bath & Shower Gel.  Finally, my newest love.  I blogged about these guys last week but had to include it in my feature as it's €1.69, so the most bargainous out of all the products.  I'll be honest, I wouldn't buy these for anyone just because a lot of people shop in Aldi these days and the last thing you'd want is to hand them a pressie worth less than €2 because it would then become a weapon and you'd have a huge dent in your noggin.  But I'll keep buying this for myself and I've been using it in the shower and bath and am loving every minute of it!

So tell me ladies, what's your favourite bath time treat?


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