Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas gift idea featuring U Magazine, Stellar & Prudence!

What's better than giving someone a Christmas present and seeing their happy little faces light up with joy?  Giving them a present every week or month of the year, that's what!  If you want the gift that keeps on giving, then look no further than these three amazing Irish magazines.

U magazine is out every fortnight, Steller every month and Prudence every two months and you can subscribe your pal up easily and sure would it be the worst thing in the world if you gave yourself a subscription too?

Stellar is €26 and you receive 12 issues.  Our subscription to this recently ran out and so we shall be renewing it today!  One of the funniest articles I've ever read was one a few months ago called "50 ways you know you're turning into your mother". I howled with laughter at that while nodding along with each point!  Rosie, the Deputy Editor was one of my travel buddies to La Roche Posay in France during the summer, so I totally have a vested interest in le magazine now!

U magazine is €44.20 for 26 issues.  Ah U magazine has a soft spot in my heart.  Thanks to Aisling Keenan, I was picked to be part of a feature on beauty bloggers last year and I still smile every time I think of it!  I was featured in the Reader's Issue this year and both of these magazines have prized position on my bedside table.  I owe Aisling big time for making a little dream come true!

Prudence magazine is €15 for 6 issues and save you countless more euro with it's money saving tips and tricks inside.  And hold on a second, they're giving us 20% off in this month's issue!  Spoil us why don't you!

Of course, Bailey the brat has to give his opinion too as he is the little sh*t who eats any magazines that the post man decides to put through the letterbox and not in the post box nailed to the wall outside.
Oh hai mam, can I eat one?  Can I?  I'll be your best friend!

Shhh, If I look cute and innocent and give them the puppy dog eyes, nobody will see I'm trying to suffocate Kim Kardashian....

So ladies and gents.  Give someone the gift of beauty, fashion, gossip this Christmas and they'll love you forever!  Well, at least for the hour it takes them to read their new magazine which they are by law required to lend you after they're done with it.  Get subscribing now because the sooner you do, the sooner the subscription be delivered!


  1. Awwww, can't the doggy come with the magazines? :-)

    1. Hi.I can't find the November issue anywhere now.Did it mention who the dress Kim wore on the cover was by?

  2. yeah and if you do oit this month with U mag, you'll get €50 of NYC goodies to keep all for your lonesome! hehe heh shameless plug Karen!! xx

  3. BAILEY!!!

    I love to give subscriptions for pressies, love your picks of magazines too - G'wan the Irish :D

    1. G'wan the Irish is right! Ah sure it's great to be able to look at the mags and see the prices in euro and actually buy them... I like buying things.....

  4. Very good idea, your dog is so cute :)

  5. Oh I love seeing things in Irish prices too, by the way, I like buying things too stangley enuf lol ;)

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