Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gold nails from Inglot

As much as I love glitter polish, it's a pain to remove, I don't care what you say!  So I was delighted to see that Inglot have kept it glitter free this Christmas season and have focused on metallics.  This way, there's still some interest to the nails and you won't be essentially exfoliating them trying to get your polish off!

We have shade 223 to show you today that we were given by Inglot and ooooh it's a purty one!  Shade 223 is a cool toned gold polish with a metallic finish.

It has hints of olive green, light bronze and it's refreshing to see a really bright gold polish like this one.  Usually they're yellow toned but this one is gowjus.

I made Joanne try this as I'm sporting my Artistic Nail Gloss at the mo' and she applied three coats of the polish to give this finish.  The polish is quite thin but it dries really quickly and what you're left with is bright, shimmery nails, perfect for the party season!
Inglot nail polishes are €10 and they have eleventy billion shades, so go check them out stat!


  1. I love Inglot, I really do, but I don't like how this nail polish looks. Maybe it's because I don't like to wear gold on my nails.

  2. Did she need the 3 coats? I have the bronze one and 1 coat was really opaque, put on a second out of habit/for the craic though! Must try my second 1 now to compare. Love all the colours to be honest! :)

  3. Ive been wearing mine all week! It's so gorgeeous!

  4. Very messy application, you're not supposed to paint your cuticles lol ;) Love your blog though! xx

  5. It will really suit for this party season. I always like gold nail polish than glitter polish, and I personally like this colour of gold.


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