Monday, November 19, 2012

Inglot Rainbow Eye Shadows for Christmas 2012 - swatches and make up look

This Christmas, Inglot have released ten new shades of the rainbow eyeshadows and this time they're full of sparkle!  These are the stars of the show and for what you're getting, pigment and size wise, they're really good value.  The Rainbow palettes start at €22 for a two square palette and if you get all ten eyeshadows, it will cost you €88, so the more you buy, the more you save!

At the launch recently, I picked two shades out after careful deliberation.  The make up artist on hand explained how she liked to use the orange shades to warm up an eye look, so I wanted in on that and I've been using my two picks ever since.

Shades 123R and 125R work perfectly together.  The oranges do look scary in the pan but I don't see anyone using them on their own!  They work in conjunction with other shades and in my case, it's nice to give the neutrals a bit of oomph.  Orange shades really bring out green and even blue eyes and those with brown eyes are lucky as most colours go with them.
Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadows shade 123R (left), shade 125R (right)
All I can say is that I chose well lads.  125R is a gorgeous neutral trio with slight purple undertones to it and I'd be happy with this on it's own!  I wanted to show you what you can do with just one shadow pan and have a day time look on the left and a darker, smokier look on the right.

For the photos below, I used one of the orange shades in the crease on both eyes to add warmth and all I can say is I'll be doing that from now on.  Love what it does to my eyes.

I may or may not have picked up two more shades over the weekend as a) I love them, b) I needed a palette and c) I can justify any purchase so probably best to shh now.  The top row is the new ones I haven't played with yet and bottom is the ones used in the look today.

Get down to your closest Inglot counter and check these guys out and I dare you to stop at buying just one!


  1. Innnnnnteresting...I smell a little trip to Inglot coming up!

  2. Those colours really suit your eyes Karen, well played!

  3. great colours!! You can do tons of looks!! :)


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