Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lovely Manly Dangly Bits reviews Clarins Men Exfoliating Cleanser

This review comes courtesy of the brothership, aka Stephen, aka Lovely Manly Dangly Bits.  See, it's his own fault, he agreed to do one review ages ago and now there's no going back!  He's here to help you pick out some great products for the man in your life, or if you're a man and have stumbled across this Lovely Girlie Bits site, then sorry but it's not a rudie one, but keep reading, you might see something you like!  Stephen's reviewing the new exfoliating cleanser from Clarins which promises to clean, exfoliate and prepare the skin for shaving.  He's currently sporting the biggest 80s mustache I've ever seen in my life for Movember so he'll get good use out of this when he goes to shave it allllll off!

I thought my review stint was finished after the last Dangly review. Sadly, an ominous brown envelope arrived on my doorstep with pictures of someone - not a million miles away from this keyboard - pasted with make-up as a 14 year old for a bit of 'craic' with the words 'Do it - or else' attached on a Post-It...
Clarins Nettoyant Exfoliant €25.52
So today's review is for Clarins Exfoliating Cleanser. Now I'm not sure if its doing what its supposed to, but after I use it my face squeaks. Yep, squeaks. It could be removing a lot of manly dirt or literally melting my skin off but either way it squeaks. Think the old Fairy liquid ad and the noise after a plate is washed.

End result is one clean, exposed face. I say exposed because despite Sister Girly Bits telling me to put on a bitta moisturiser after I use it, someone forgot. And that same someone got a couple of humdinger spots shortly after. Once I followed the sage advice from Girly Bits all was well and happy to report that my face has not melted off. Always a good thing.

Dangly Bits Rating: 8/10 (Docked two marks due to squeakage and the "mild green Fairy liquid" tune that stuck in my head for one whole day due to said squeakage)

If this manicuring continues I'll be as kept as yer wan off X-Factor. You know. Rylan.

Well done Stephen on another fabaliss review.


  1. I've always found that thinly veiled threats like "do it.... or else" work very well (I may or may not have a couple of compromising pictures of a few people I know, that I am keeping safe, just in case)

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  4. Ooh, a man review (yes, that's what it's called >.>), this is fun to read :-)


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