Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My foundation routine featuring Stila, YSL and Clarins

As the weather changes, so does my skincare routine, followed by my foundation routine.  I give myself about five minutes to do my make up in the morning and need products that I can rely on at that ungodly hour.  I do think I need one of those mirrors with the lights around the outside as a couple of weeks ago, I went to work thinking my blush was perfect and when I caught sight of myself in the mirror at work, I looked demented, like Aunt Sally on a bad day.  I've since learned, less is more when trying to do my make up with rubbish energy saving bulbs!

This is the routine I've been using lately and these are the products in question....

At the launch celebrating Stila's new counter in Harvey Nichols a couple of months ago, I got the One Step Corrector (£24, not sure of euro prices, will find out) to take home and play with and only now am I getting around to using it!   Containing three colour-correcting, moisturising brighteners all swirled around in a serum, this feels gorgeous on my skin.  It feels really moisturising as soon as it goes on my skin and a few times now, I've actually gone without my regular moisturiser thanks to this.  It ever so slightly evens out my skin tone and prepares my skin for the next step.

When I first got the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation (€38) to play with a few months ago, I fell in love with it but found that it left my skin too greasy looking.  I've an oily T-zone and the foundation just slid off it, leaving me bare face and shiny.  But I still couldn't bring myself to give the foundation away!  And now I'm so glad I didn't.  My skin has gotten much drier in the colder weather and lads, Le Teint Touche Eclat is now perfect for me.  I now welcome that it's not a dryer formulation.  I love the glow it gives me and thanks to Stila's primer, it stays put all day.  All. Day.  

A quick dusting of the new Odyssey Face Palette (€55) from Clarins' Christmas 2012 collection over my Y-zone and I'm good to go.  This peachy face powder is gorgeous and it hurt my heart a little bit to see the gold overspray go.

Don't you love it when a product starts working perfectly for you again?  Oily skinned ladies rejoice!

What's your foundation routine right now?


  1. Oh wow! That coverage is amazing. I've been playing around with differnt combos lately trying to find the perfect blend. I've been mixing beauty balms and a little bit of Rimmel 'Wake Me Up'. It's a bit of a pain but it seems to be working ok. I'm definitely going to check out the new Stila counter this weekend. Thanks girls x

  2. The Stila Corrector looks a bit terryfing before it's blended! Le Teint Touche Ecalt looks lovely on you though.
    Right now the foundation routine is a quick and efficient one: concealer(s), a touch of Maybelline Fit Me followed by the matching powder, blusher and I'm good to go!

  3. Love how warmed up your skin looks in the second picture! But it still looks really natural :) Glad to hear the YSL is working much better for you now your skin is drier in the fall. I need to switch with the change of seasons as well - in winter I'm always heavily moisturising so my foundations go on without dry patches.

  4. God brilliant coverage! Very nice x

  5. I like it! Looks very natural on your skin. Not thick and/or cakey at all. Lovely job. Although I do agree that the stila stuff looks freaky!


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