Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter - Candy Apple

I've spoken before about my scardeyness of bright lipsticks but I'm also trying to be a bit braver like Mags from Emerald Eyeliner who can rock a bright lip like nobody else.  So on a recent excursion to Boots, I decided to pick up Candy Apple, one of Revlon's Colour Burst Lip Butters to see how I got on.  I figured it's a nice way to ease into a bit of colour and red is always very festive.

Revlon Lip Butter Candy Apple
Pigmentation wise, it has decent colour pay off.  It has a glossy finish and no shimmer or sparkle.  For day time wear, I like to dab it on the lips like in the top right photo and then blend with my fingers, feeling very Lisa Eldridge altogether.  For more va va voom, I slap it on a bit thicker and it adds a lovely pop of colour to my generally dull pallor at this moment in time.  I get just over an hour's wear with it but as the gloss fades, the pigment sets on the lips so you can either top it up again, or add some lip balm, your choice.

Revlon Lip Butter Candy Apple - Top: Patted into lips  Bottom: Lashed on
Because it's such a bold shade (for me anyway), I need a mirror when applying it.  It's not like the other Revlon lip butters I have, Macaroon and Peach Parfait where I can just slap them on willy nilly and they look grand.  You need to take a bit of care with this one or else you'll end up looking like The Joker!

This shall be a stable in my make up bag as we hurtle towards Christmas!  Do we like?


  1. We love - this is my favourite lip butter! Looks lovely on you xx

  2. I love these lip butters! Great pick

  3. I bought my first one the other day in Lollipop and I think I'm in love! Candy Apple is next on my list along with the really pale pink one I think it's cotton candy or something like that!xx

  4. I've still yet to try one of these! I definitely fancy this shade!

  5. I love this colour but I am paranoid it makes my teeth look yellow so I never wear it!


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