Friday, December 21, 2012

Essence Peel Off Base Coat - A must have for glitter lovers!

Oh ladies, this is a game changer!  Ok, so I've spoken many times about my love of glitter nail polish.  I've also spoken in great detail about my absolute hatred when trying to remove it.  Using nail polish remover takes ages and I end up essentially exfoliating my nails trying to get the stuff off and when I lose the rag with that, I end up picking it off which is murder on the nails, but very satisfying nonetheless.  So either way it was a lose lose situation, but one I found myself in time and time again as I like sparkley nails.

Essence have brought out something very amazing in the form of this little white bottle....  Essence Nail Art Peel Off Base Coat aka one of my favourite products of the year.

I saw this in Penneys recently for €2.89 and snapped up two bottles because a) I heard angels singing when I laid eyes on it and b) I love peeling stuff off my nails and now I can without damaging them!

So you apply a coat like so on clean dry nails.  You leave it for about ten minutes and it turns clear and ever so slightly tacky.

Then it's time for glitter polish.  As today is my last day at work before Christmas, I needed to bling it up big time, so Sally Hansen's Gem Crush in Big Money was my choice.  The mixture of purple and gold in this shade just makes me happy like nowt else, so on it went.

A little tip when applying these polishes.  They dry almost matte, so a layer of your favourite top coat will make the glitter particles shine even more and blind people.

I didn't want to start my whole manicure from scratch so I just did my baby fingernail to show the base coat in action and as I couldn't find my wooden orange sticks, I used the cap of my biro to gently push back the polish like so.

It takes seconds to remove the polish and you can see on my nail that there's no dryness left.  Usually when I use nail polish remover or peel off my polish, I end up removing the top layer of my nail, leaving it dry and gross looking but check out my undamaged nail!

If you're a glitter polish lover like myself, then you need this.  It's what we've been waiting for and I don't know why it's taken so long for something like this to come into our lives.  I now no longer have to grimace when applying my glitter polish, already dreading having to remove it.

Get your glitter polishes out ladies!



  1. Oh Karen, this would be both a blessing and a burden for me, as I'm wicked for picking my polish off the minute it chips or starts to lift. I don't think I'd have my mani on for even 10 minutes and I'd be peeling it off. Though then again it would help me not damage my nails when picking... Hmm. I think I'll have to try it and see! Willpower is not my forte unfortch!

  2. Oh god, I desperately need this in my life. STAT!

  3. This base looks like a good idea, as I love glitter polish and hate removing it too.
    But I was having a manicure the other day and the manicurist told me that the best way to remove glitter polish is to make sure that the remover is cheap and acetone based, so I bought the 'essentials' one in Boots and it works!!!! :)

  4. omg I NEED THIS. Its pathetic that Im getting this excited but removing glitter polish makes me want to just chop my fingers off altogether!

  5. Ooo it is a game changer excellent find young lady

  6. Thank you! I seen this and was like hmmmm yeh ok whatever! Looks brilliant, I need it!! x

  7. Magic! About 15 years ago Lancome introduced a peel-off polish that I snapped up - I think it was the start of my nail polish addiction. It disappeared off the market though, I guess this is a much less expensive (and available) alternative!
    Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx

  8. Gonna look for this today - need it!

  9. I remember I used to have a Barbie Peel Off Nail Varnish when I was about six, I used to paint my nails this gorgeous pink colour and then immediately peel it off! It was just too tempting to leave alone!! I ended up using the whole bottle in a couple of days :-) I am sure I haven't changed that much haha!

  10. I share your annoyance at trying to remove glitter nail polish, bane of my life.
    Will be picking this up tomorrow!

    Cheers gorgeous,


  11. wow i didn't about this product from essence but i think i will run fast to get it since it is excellent!!! Thanks for the review :)

  12. This is a good idea BUT I find peeling any polish off my nails whether its got a peel off base or not is really bad for my nails, it dries them out and makes them peel themselves. If this can remove nail polishes without ruining the nail underneath then it's definitely something I'd try!

  13. i looked for it and couldn't remember when i got there what is was called, so hopefully i remember this time and when i go back i will find it!

  14. Oh wow! That seems really cool! :) will defiantly be picking that up next time I'm in pennys! :)
    Aisling -


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