Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lancome Christmas 2012 - photos, swatches and happiness

There's nothing like a bit of red and gold at this time of year to really get me in the Christmas mood.  And Lancome haven't let me down this season with their Christmas collection this year.  Beautifully sophisticated with shimmer galore, the fact that the model is wearing gold sequins just makes me love the whole concept even more.  If you can't get away with looking like a Christmas ornament at this time of year, then what's the point, so bring on the gold I say!

There are three Ombre Hypnose Mono shadows (€25) that make me ache with how much I love the glittery lid.  The stunning shadows can be used wet or dry and would make a welcome present to yourself or a lucky lady this Christmas.  Just take a moment and look at them....

I was sent a couple of pieces from the collection to show you and one of my favourites is this unassuming little pot of loose powder.  The Ombre Les Paillettes aux Yeux (€24.50) in the shade A la Belle Etoile No 10 is a delicate rose gold shade that I've been wearing as a wash all over my eyelids with lashings of mascara.  It's one of those products that makes me go hmm as it goes on like a powder but when it sets, it looks almost like a cream finish if that makes sense.  All I can say is go visit it in the shops and as I love rose gold, this is right up my proverbial makey uppy street.

Now, one of my other favourite products is Le Crayon Khol in Jazzy Taupe (€17.28).  This shade is just perfect.  I can't fault the pigmentation, the longevity, the necessity for a shade like this at Christmas.  I know a lot of people are afraid to use black liner on the waterline as it can make the eyes look smaller but with this, it adds depth and dimension to a look while also bringing a bit of light to your eyes as it's metallic.  I'm getting giddy again just writing this paragraph so I may need to give Jazzy Taupe it's own post to show you how gorgeous it is.  
Continuing on the metallics theme, check out Vernis in Love in the shade Ginger Swing (€18).  For those of you who aren't in to glittery nails but still want sparkle, then this is a more mature way to go about adding a little somethin' somethin' to your manicure.  See, I'm all about the shimmery nails at this time of year.  Every pub and restaurant has twinkly lights all over the place and so you're guaranteed for someone to grab hold of your hand mid gulp of mulled wine to ask what you're wearing on your nails.  Or is this just something beauty crazed individuals do?  No, we'd grab your hand and say "Oh are you wearing Lancome Ginger Swing"? and be nodding knowingly as we asked because we'd already know you were.

There are three new shades of the L'Absolu Rouge to round out the collection and all I can say is if you're going to a Christmas party anytime soon, go in to your local Lancome counter and check these out.


  1. I am obsessed with jazzy taupe 🌕- plus I like to say taupe like Sam from poxiwoo tooope

  2. Ooh, yes a post on the eyeliner would be gooooood. (want!)

  3. I want it all. I would love an eyeliner post too! LOVE Lancome at the minute, they've really upped their game lately.

  4. Pencil looks amazing! Can't believe missed that when was looking at their products... I've bought that Christmas Beauty Box so can't wait to try everything :) And the packaging of products - OMG. As Icequeen81 told - they look chic. Very :))

  5. Lovely collection, great swatches!

  6. You need to practice the application of nail polish, so messy! :/ Your cuticles are totally flooded.


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