Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New York purchases - CCO & Victoria Secret

Yes, I went shopping, but in my defence, I'm mental and love beauty products so much.  As I've said before on the blog, if I was never sent another thing, I'd be able to keep this blog going easily as I love to buy, try and write about products.

So what does a beauty junkie do when they're in New York and more importantly, in proximity to a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet)?  They buy all the things.  Actually, I was quite good here (yeah right I hear you say), but I saw it as an opportunity to pick up some products I've been wanting to try for ages but never got around to it because there was always something newer out on the market.

I saw they had Estee Lauder Double Wear and I've been hmming and hawing over it for months now, enough said, they had my shade, sold.  I've heard that it can be cakey so on Monday, I used a small amount and I'm pretty impressed with it so far.  I'll need more than a day's trial to form my opinion, but first impressions are very good indeed.

I saw the blush on the right first and immediately fell in love.  I didn't even swatch it like the lunatic I am.  I just thought it was beautiful and the gradient effect was right up my street.  The blush on the left is like NARS Orgasm but felt even more finely milled, so in the basket it went.  I rounded out my Estee Lauder splurge with one of the Double Wear cream eyeshadows in this season appropriate burgundy purpley shade that makes me think I'm a Pixiwoo before I've even used it.  I've tried the MAC paint pots and am a bit meh on them, so I'm curious to see how this stacks up against them.

Next we're on to Clinique.  I've been meaning to try some products from the Black Honey collection but never ended up buying any.  So to make up for it, I picked up the Black Honey eyeshadow quad and two of the Almost Lipsticks, Tender Honey and Chic Honey.

There was a set that had the Bottom Lash Mascara and High Impact Mascara and so poing, that went in my basket.  I can't wait to try the Bottom Lash Mascara and see if it lives up to the hype and I think I've tried a mini version of the High Impact Mascara in the past and really liked it, so I'll be giving those a go.

Finally, my Victoria's Secret purchases.  No I'm not going to show you my undies.  Instead, feast your eyes on some gorgeous body mists, Dream Angels Glow and Love Is Heavenly.  They're both light and bright fragrances and will be perfect for the summer.  I like to literally drown myself in body mists during the winter months.

I bought a Glossy Tint Lip Sheen that looks like the Chubby Sticks from Clinique and a Color Drama Lipstick in Naked.  Both safely in my comfort zone of nudie patoodie lips.  For a bit of colour and shine, I got the Diamonds After Dark Shine Drama Lipgloss in the shade Bejeweled and I will fully admit, the packaging was what made me get it.  I'll review it properly shortly but look at the little diamantes on the lid!  While waiting a small age to pay for these and I mean I actually aged in the time it took the sales assistant to ring through one person's purchases ahead of me, I saw this Makeup Primer & Setting Spray and decided for $12, I wanted to try it.  Just cos.

I've no prices but we all know the old familiar saying "If you bought it on holiday, it doesn't count as spending".  So very true.  If there's anything you'd like me to review first, go on and leave a comment below and I'll sort it out!

Stay tuned for my insane Sephora and drug store purchases.....


  1. Oo I love that ombré Estée Lauder blush - I am pretty sure that is a dupe for a limited edition mac product you did good

  2. I LOVE Double Wear, a small bit applied with fingers and it's gorge.

  3. Great stuff you got! And I look forward to seeing what you got at Sephora too :)

  4. The ombre blush looks so pretty! :D And indeed, the VS lip gloss with diamante lid is super cute!

  5. are u gonna make swathes of the dark lippi? it looks good

  6. The blush! Fabulous. Love the look of the Victoria's Secret bits & bobs, would love to know how they wear!


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