Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We're baaaaaack!

Ah lads, it feels like a lifetime ago already that we were walking around New York, without a care in the world.  We've been hermits over the past few months in an attempt to save as much money as possible and get some nice bits over yonder.  I'll be doing some mini posts showing what I bought if anyone is interested but for now, here's a little run down of the trip, especially for my friend Pili who wishes this was more of a travel blog than a make up one!


Ah the shops, you gotta love them.  The sales assistants are so slow when ringing things in at the till, but their friendliness and pure niceness makes up for it.  One day we were in Macy's and went to use our 11% off card, when the sales assistant said she had a better one we could use and rang in her own 25% off coupon.  I believe Macy's, I believe!

Macy's!  They want us to believe this year.  I believe!
We had a quick wander through Saks who had a gorgeous winter wonderland theme running through the beauty hall.  While wandering up 5th Avenue one day, we came across Henri Bendel's and I instantly fell in love with the whole feel of it.  Sparkley jewellery as far as the eye could see.  All I was missing was a dress I could twirl in and music to twirl to...  Joanne got a gorgeous necklace in there that I'm sure she'll be showing you.

Henri Bendel: left, middle.  Saks Fifth Avenue: right

A trip to NY isn't complete without heading to the outlets and we went to Woodbury Commons on the Saturday.  We had a few snow flurries that made it seem all the more Christmassy and we got lots of brilliant bargains.
Eat your heart out Kildare Village!  Woodbury Commons, the place for bargains.
New things!

Each time we go to New York, we like to do something new and this time we did a few new things that we absolutely loved.

Highline park.

This park runs between 10th and 11th avenue from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to 30th. and is built on an old freight line elevated above the streets so you can see everything.  We got some lovely views of the city and it was nice for a bit of peace and quiet.  There's a little viewing gallery pictured above where you can take a load off and just watch life going by.

The View restaurant.

Look at that view from The View!

This revolving restaurant is on the 48th floor of the very swish Mariott Hotel in Times Square.  Don't worry, you won't vom with the speed of it, it does a full rotation every hour, so you've lots of time to take in the stunning views.  It opens at 4pm we were able to see the view in daylight and watch all the lights being switched on as night fell.  We had an expensive but tasty cocktail to savour while we were there and that was one of my highlights of the trip.  And yes, this was done after being on our feet since 8am and yes, we were all in trackie bottoms.  Classy wha?

Top of the Rock

Oh hai Empire State Building.  How you doin'?
We've done the Empire State Building before and this time we scaled the Rockerfeller Centre and admired the views of the city.  It was so nice to get some photos with the Empire State Building actually in it!  We went for about 10am and there were no queues, just plain sailing.  We did get a couple of ridiculous touristy photos taken that only the three of us shall see, scarlet for us!  This is a must if you're visiting New York and next time, I'd like to go back at night time.

Bus tour.

Night time bus tour.  You will freeze the diddies off yourself but look at that view!

We had wanted to do the Holiday Lights tour but that started the following night, the night we were leaving.  So we put on our winter coats, plonked on the hats and sat for 2 hours freezing our lovely girlie bits off, but it was so worth it.  The views were spectacular and it was amazing to look down over the city and see people just doing their thing.  It took hours to get the heat back in to us but it was worth the cold and the pain.  The pain you say?  Yes, we had to wear earphones during the tour so we could hear the tour guide and those shagging earphones kept giving us electric shocks in the earholes.  I still get the twitches....  We had a hot chocolate overlooking the skating rink at Bryant Park and basked in the smug people who thought they were great but ended up going flying on their snots in front of us.  Good times.

Bryant Park - I wish I could skate but alas, I'd be like Bambi on ice.  Hot chocolate it is instead...

The fashion.

It's well known that New York is one of the most fashionable cities in the world.

Em... Maybe not at Christmas....

And these aren't even jokey Christmassy fashion fails...

The Lights.

The New Yorkers know how to put on a show and at this time of year if it's not moving, it's covered in lights.  It was just gorgeous walking down the streets and feeling like we were in a movie!  Take a look...

We had a ball folks and my batteries are recharged (after a weekend of being an absolute zombie, bloody jet lag).  Thanks to all the fantastic guest posters who kept the blog alive and kicking while we were away!

Stay tuned for a few posts showing my purchases.  I think I did ye proud!


  1. Welcome home ladies! Wonderful post, makes me want to pack a bag immediately!

  2. My fave city...after Dublin of course. Thank you misses for the nostalgia. Great post (and piccys) xo

  3. Looks like you had a ball ;) you gave me a few ideas of things to do next time I go

  4. Awh that looked so fun! I was over there at the beginning if November! Loved it- went to Woodbury, i loved Henri bendels aswell! Didn't make it to the highline unfortunately, maybe next time! :)

    Emily x

  5. Oh wow girls, cannot wait to see all the bits and bobs you got. I miss NY so much! Love the High Linek one of my fav places to walk! Looks just beautiful for Christmas!

  6. Amazing, oh how Id love to see the shops and sales over there! :)

  7. Amazing pictures! And that necklace/earring set is exactly the kind of thing my mum would bring me back from a holiday.

  8. Hola amiga;

    As you imagine, I love your post,is like watching a X-mast movie,everytime I read you travel post I will like to pack my bag straigh away and go to exactly all the place you talk about it.hehehe.

    I love the photos of the lighting aswell,they are good.

    Very proud of you my dear friend. Hope to say to you one day VAMONOS to New York,: )

  9. Lovely pics :) I always get an ache for New York at this time of year.


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