Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter body care from The Body Shop, Lush, Roger & Gallet, Molten Brown and Bio-oil

Winter is grand and all with the cozy pyjamas and fleecey everything but can we take a moment for the poor skin on our bodies?  Over the past couple of weeks, I've become a shriveled bridie with flaky skin everywhere.  I've big dry patches on my upper arms that are headwrecking and to be honest, I was pretending that it was the whole flying to New York and airplanes dehydrating me but to be more honest, I just haven't been taking care of the skin on my body.

I know that I need to up my game but here's the problem.  It's shaggin' freezing out.  Which means it's freezing in the house and no matter how hot I have my shower, it's still painfully cold when I step outside of the bathroom and I could honestly win an Olympic medal for the sheer speed I can dry off and get back into my fleece.  If I stand around to start lashing on the moisturiser, I'll get a cold in my kidneys as my mam would say but I think I'm going to have to suck it up because my arms will be on display.  So the plan of action is to just mind my arms for now, the rest of my body can follow.

Here are the chosen products that I've been using on and off in the past but are now going to step up and be all that they can be and do what they have to do.

First up is Creme Anglaise Hand and Body Lotion from Lush.  This one is from the Merry Christmas gift box and I'm loving everything from this box.  I think it's my favourite of all the gift boxes I tried.  Creme Anglaise is inspired by the French desert and contains almond oil, orange oil, a saffron infusion, all whipped up with the light scent of vanilla.  It feels light but nourishing on the skin and so I tend to use it in the morning as it absorbs quickly.  For something richer and thicker, then The Body Shop's Vanilla Bliss body butter is for you.  It's €18.95 but will last you for ages and this is an evening scent for me.  I just have to make sure the house is warm as it takes a few minutes to sink in, but when it does, oh you've some soft, moisturised skin baby!

I professed my love for Roger & Gallet's Gingembre range here and have since bought the shower gel, so deep is my love.  When we go to New York, we never bring any toiletries like shower gels, shampoos etc.  We buy them over there to save a bit of hassle.  Except this year I brought the Ginger shower gel and body lotion €17 with us and also brought them back home.  I couldn't bear to leave them there.  This smells so clean and fresh and is the perfect lotion to slap on when it's bright and sunny outside.  Try it.  Oh, and I did a scientific experiment and applied it one morning at 7am and I could still smell it grand by 5pm that night.  Result.

Forget the notion that Bio-Oil €12.50 is only for stretch marks. I like to use it as a targeted treatment for my problem areas.  As I mentioned above, the tops of my arms are susceptible to small, dry, scaly patches and more often than not, I need something different just for that.  The Bio-Oil is perfect for dabbing on my dry bits and I find it works even better just out of the shower when my pores are open.  My skin seems to drink it up and it's something that everyone probably has at home.  I like to apply it to my cuticles and nails before bed as they're uber dry at the moment.

Finally, my Molten Brown Heavenly Gingerlily Body Cream €22/200ml.  I blogged about my Aldi shower gel find recently and I go through phases where I like to be matchy matchy with my shower gels and lotions so I like to use my Heavenly Gingerlily lotion with my Aldi shower gel.  This is scented with tuberose and sandalwood which I love to use in the morning and the scent stays.  It's light in texture and is a lovely treat to use.

So tell me ladies, what are your skincare secrets when it comes to body care?  What's your all time favourite product or do you have a new kid on the block that you're dying to tell me about?


  1. Great post! I love the BS Body Butters xx

  2. Great post! Tried to find the ginger roger and gallet Everywgere with no luck !! Any ideas??

    1. Here's a link of stockists, try ringing them to see if they have it, you won't regret it!

  3. Oh Vanilla Bliss! I haven't seen that in the Body Shop before.

  4. I have been using “Bio-oil” for stretch marks on my belly and thighs. It gives good results and it worth the money.

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