Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess mascara review, before & after photos

Over the years I've tried a lot of mascaras.  I'm obsessed with them all and have said before that if I lived in a world where I was only allowed to wear one piece of make up (that wouldn't be a world, it would be a hell), then mascara would be my must have product.

Those who have followed me on the blog for a while will know that my favourite mascara at the moment is Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill.  It.  Is.  Amazing.  You can read my full review here if you should be so inclined. 

I said at the time I'd purchase it myself and so when at the Armani counter in New York last year, what did I do?  Decide that I needed to try Eyes to Kill Excess.  I know.  After waiting for months to treat myself to a replacement, I bought a different one.  I have no explanation other than I have this thing deep in my soul that is afraid I could be missing out on an even better product.  Even though I know I'm using a pretty perfect product, what if there's something better?  And this is why I'll die broke but looking fabulous!

Anyway, I bought it blind, not knowing anything about it or having read any reviews or anything.  Brave or what?  But I figured if it was anything like Eyes to Kill, then I'd be grand and the fact that it has the word Excess at the end of it intrigued me and had me stroking my beard and squinting my eyes imagining what it might do to my lashes.  I'm all about excess in terms of lashes baby!

I thought a little comparison might be in order.  Eyes to Kill has the pewter packaging and Intense has sleek black packaging.  Wand-wise Eyes to Kill has a pretty uniform shaped brush whereas the Excess version has a more curvy brush and is slightly wider at the base and tip.

In terms of formula, Eyes to Kill Excess is slightly thicker than it's counterpart and because of that, it gives more volume than Eyes to Kill.  However, it doesn't give the length that my beloved original does and it's the formula of Eyes to Kill that gives more separation and curl to my lashes, giving me a real wide eyed look.

Take a look at my scientific photos. 

And this is where I love the fact that I have close up photos of my eyeballs.  Both of these guys stay put for the day and add so much drama to my lashes.  Do I think Eyes to Kill Excess is better than the original?  No.  But I had to try it and see.  I've been using it all the time and do love it, but Eyes to Kill slightly pips Eyes to Kill Excess to the post in terms of the formula as it gives me the results I love.

I'll be honest, I bet if I hadn't have tried Eyes to Kill first, I'd probably be fawning all over Excess as it is a fantastic mascara.  I just love having more length, lift, curl and separation over volume but that's just my personal preferance. 

I promise that the next time I go to purchase Eyes to Kill, I'll actually purchase Eyes to Kill and nothing else! Eyes to Kill is €29 and I'll double check the price of Eyes to Kill Excess and update the post.


  1. Your eyes look amazing in both!!

  2. I agree with Emma. Amazing in both! Would love to try the Armani mascara - can't seem to get away from it! :/

  3. Beautiful lashes, looks so good x

  4. I think both eyes look great, maybe you could try wearing eyes to kill and then eyes to kill excess over it to get doubly amazing lashes?

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  8. Ha! So glad I remembered this post! There I was at the Armani counter in BTs, all hot and bother and NEEDING a treat, and going "Oh shite, shite, SHITE!!!! Which one did Karen say???" PEWTER remembers I. And a very happy fifi I fink I am too. Cheers, Dahling!! HG mascara


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