Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January favourites from Pixy, Lancome, Emma Hardie, Origins, Korres and Real Techniques

Oh January, what a pain in the hoop you were.  You were long, grey, miserable and most of us were broke before you even started. 

But it was also the month where I had some proper favourites.  Because I try so many things every month, it's hard for products to really stand out, so when I find myself reaching for things time and time again, I know I'm on to a good thing.

Origins Plantscription foundation (€36.00)

I can't fault this foundation one single bit.  It gives me the perfect level of coverage, gives a luminosity to my skin without feeling sticky or looking shiny and I really look forward to using it every day.  Click here to read my full review.  If I could, my review would have consisted of this "Love it love it try it love it".

Real Techniques Blush Brush (€12.99) 

This is a recent acquisition to my brush collection and I love it.  It's so full and soft, picks up just the right amount of product and feels gorgeous on my face.  I may take an extra few seconds to make sure my blush is well blended just because it feels so nice.

Korres Lip Butter (€9.90) 

I bought this ages ago, I can't remember where and thought I'd lost it, but recently found it at the bottom of a bag and that made my day!  This lip butter is the business in terms of moisturisation thanks to the shea butter and rice wax along with natural oils to condition the lips.  This one isn't tinted and is really thick so it looks like I haven't rubbed cream into my lips properly, so  I use it when I'm at home, in the car, anytime where people aren't going to see me and say "You've a little somethin' somethin' on your lips"!  I'm going to be good and wait until I finish this one but I have my sights on the Mango or Quince shade next.

Lancome Le Crayon Kohl - Jazzy Taupe (€17.28)

This liner was from the Christmas collection from Lancome and it's still in constant rotation in my make up repertoire.  Sometimes I apply it along the upper lash line for a bit of interest when I'm not wearing any eye shadow.  Or I apply it on the waterline to add definition to my eyes without going the whole hog and putting black liner on which can make the eyes look smaller.  Go and see if they still have this on your Lancome counter as it's a gorgeous metallic that's really wearable and I love it.

Emma Hardie Professional Cloths (€12.00/3 pack)

I use these every single day.  I've written about them before here, but lads, one side is a muslin cloth and the other side is a microfibre cloth.  I apply my Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil most nights to loosen my make up.  Then I wet the cloth and use it to remove the war paint.  It's such a gentle but effective way of removing make up and for someone who loves to exfoliate, I haven't done so in weeks.  The little fibres in the cloth remove any rough skin and my skin is always baby bum smooth in the evening. 

Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud (€9.50)

I wrote about this back in October and buying a pot of it at one of the trade shows here.  It took me a few goes to really get into this cleanser but now I love it!  It smells like brownies, 10 points.  It cleanses my skin beautifully, 10 points.  It doesn't look the best when you're smearing it on your visage (I can't look at myself in the mirror when applying it, try it and you'll see why), - 5 points.  But if you've got oily skin and are looking for something that'll help cleanse and regulate things, then this is definitely worth a shot.  It has Rhassoul Clay and Red Clay which gets rid of impurities and I've been using this every weekend for ages.  I don't use it to remove my make up, just to give my face a deep clean.  Love it.

So what were you loving this month?


  1. There's so many products in the post I have to try: the Korres lip balms, Jazzy Taupe eye liner and the Pixy Cleanser!!

    1. This was a dangerous post for you to read so, good thing it's payday!

  2. Where did u buy the cloths? I am curious to try the lip balm too. Real techniques brushes are fab. The setting brush and slanted foundation brush are next on my list!

    1. I got them in Arnotts, it's the only stockist of Emma Hardie

  3. Great list!
    I'm glad you put this together, there are a few blogs here that I definitely need to check out.

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