Monday, January 7, 2013

My best bargain from the sales!

Saturday was the first time I managed to make it into town to look in the sales.  I know, it took me ages this year!  I'd a couple of things on my list, like a new wok, some pots and shoes for work.  Very exciting altogether.  I knew I was going to need to head into Arnotts to get the pots (and I got a great deal on two pots if you're interested), but the rule with Joanne and me is that we always have to go visit the Rebecca Minkoff bags and say hi.

We came across two tables full of Rebecca Minkoff bags, all on sale!  And after we had a little moment of excitement, we saw this beauty...

After falling instantly in love with it and already starting the justification process as to why I needed this, I looked at the price tag and furrowed my brow.  Surely it couldn't say what I thought it was saying?  It was originally €225, reduced to €154, then reduced again to €67.50.... I know.  You don't pass up a bargain like that.  And the shape is perfect for me.  Compact, neat and just big enough to carry all my bits and bobs.  Oh, it's slightly smaller than an iPad if that helps you visualise.

This taupe/grey snakeskin effect Mini 5-zip clutch has silver hardware and has three zips at the front that don't open into anything.  The back is plain with just a little name tag and the strap can be removed completely, left long or doubled up to make it a smaller shoulder bag.  They had it in black with gold hardware but I thought I'd get more use out of this lighter one of the coming months.  I know.  I'm very mature when it comes to justifying a completely unnecessary but oh so necessary purchase.

As I was paying, Joanne was standing beside me telling me that she'd be borrowing it all the time as she was also in The Ultimate Love with it, it took 0.4 seconds of me starting the sentence "Well you're going to be moving out soon and won't have instant access to my handbags" and she was off like a rocket to get one for herself.  It's the only time you'll ever see Joanne running.  She loves a bargain!

And so do I, so thanks Arnotts for having a brilliant sale well over a week after it started!

What was your best bargain from this year's sales?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous bag K - love the colour, and what a bargain! Have a great week lady xo

  2. Bargainista! Lovely colour and great price *heads to Arnotts*

  3. Best bargain ever ;) I had to physically restrain myself from heading to arnotts. Wear it well

  4. Oooooh I'm sooooo jealous x x x great clutch x x

  5. Wow!!! What a lovely clutch :)) Good shopping!!!xxx

  6. Oh my word this is fabulous! I'm raging that I'm not in Dublin this week, will be saying novenas that this sale is still on next week!

  7. Thanks ladies, the bag and I are going to be very happy together! I just love that they still had great bargains after the sale being on for so long, go on the Arnotts!

  8. Hi Karen,I had to log on and confess! I seen your tweet on Saturday, called Arnotts & got myself a bag too! Thanks for the headsup and sorry for being such a copycat, I just love the bag so much.

    Rach x


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