Sunday, January 13, 2013

My favourite five posts of the week from my fellow bloggers - week 2

1. Last week Leanne from Thunder and Threads wrote a fantastic post giving new bloggers advice when starting out.  She's been blogging for four years now and has learned lots along the way.  She's brilliant and I love her Nana, so if you're reading this Leanne, bring Nana to the next event!

2. This week I discovered a Youtuber and Blogger known as Sprinkle of Glitter.  I'm actually ashamed I didn't know about her sooner but all week I've watched lots of her videos and read millions of her posts and laughed the whole time.  Louise is brilliant!  She's witty, self deprecating, doesn't take herself too seriously, so genuine and I want her to be my friend.  One post that isn't from the past week but I'm allowing it on my Favourite Five as a technicality since I only discovered her this week is her tips for her teenage self.  Her first point struck such a chord with me because I spent years wanting people to like me, but now that I'm older and wiser, I know that everyone doesn't have to like everyone and it's ok.

3.  Aisling from Total make-up addict is showing us her enviable Inglot eyeshadow collection this week!  To say I'm jealous with be an understatement and I may have drooled a little bit over her neutral shades with all the swatches!  I met Aisling at the blogger's meet up before Christmas and I love her so make sure you a) go follow her and b) get ready to drool all over the swatches.

4. CherrySue wrote a post on her tried, tested & loved products and I love these kinds of posts where we can give love to the old reliables that are sometimes forgotten.  It's so easy to get caught up with the newest products and I think it's always nice to show the love to the products we've used for years and

5. It wouldn't be a Favourite Five without a post from British Beauty Blogger Jane!  This week she wrote about Twitiquete and the whole "Did that person unfollow me by mistake or on purpose, oh feck, am scarlet to ask them" dilemma.  I go through phases where I follow and unfollow people and generally try to only get rid of moany, trashy people or those who make me angry and those I don't interact with much.  I don't mind people I don't know too well unfollowing me and have stopped taking it personally but I think I'd have to take Jane's approach when it comes to those I do.  I don't use whounfollowed me and have never understood those who post a link showing who unfollowed them followed by a snide "Hmm it's so interesting to see who unfollowed me".

So those are my favourite five posts of the week from my fellow bloggers!  Enjoy reading them!

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  1. Aw Karen I'm chuffed to make your top 5 of the week list! :) Thanks so much, it's great to get support from bloggers that I have looked up to for months and months! And I also love Louise (aka Sprinkle of Glitter)- she had the most moving post about missing her mum before Christmas and it actually made me sob, it was so touching, and Baby Glitter is just too cute! Thanks again, you made my day! :) xx


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