Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nars Torrid photos, swatches

After a recent boozy lunch over the Christmas period with CherrySue, we found ourselves in the Beauty Hall of Brown Thomas.  Funny that... As we coloured all over the back of our hands with swatches of everything, we magically found ourselves at the Nars counter.  In actual fact, we made it to all of the counters, but shhh.

I wasn't too interested in the Andy Warhol collection so found myself having a squizz at the blushes and shadows.  I fell in The Instant And Ultimate Love with this product.

Look.... Innit beautiful?  Nars do gorgeous packaging.  Mine will be grubby as I dunno what in a few days, but still, it's beautiful.

In the pan it looks like Orgasm but once I swatched it and knew it had to be mine, I started to have the fear that they wouldn't have any left.  How could people not love and need this in their lives?

Whereas Orgasm depends on the gold shimmer a lot for it's interest, Torrid packs a huge punch in terms of corally pinky pigmentation, only relying on the shimmer a squidgy bit.  I am obsessed with coral blushes and probably own more than I should, but I think it's going to take a lot to top this warm toned beaut. 

I wore it to work the other day and was told that I looked glowing and asked what was on my visage.  It was then I was so happy not to have to say "orgasm" to my work colleague.  Scarlet or wha?  

Torrid gives my face warmth and colour and you can see in the photos below that you can't see the shimmer too much at all.  Now don't get me wrong, I do like a bit of shimmer, but it's nice having a beautiful shade like this that's more subtle in the shimmer department.  This stays put all day, making you look like you've a lovely flush of colour on your lil' cheeks from the time to get to work until the time you flop on the couch when you get home.

I can't remember the exact price of this, I want to say €29, but will check and find out and get back to you.  Bravo Nars for making what is now my most favouritest coral blush ever.  So far.  You know me.  



  1. That is a gorgeous blush! It's like perfect!

  2. I do love Nars products but Im yet to try a blusher! This looks like a lovely shade!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. xx

  3. Love the look of this, I have 4 Nars blushes so far and can't stop buying them!

    Sarah xx

  4. This is gorgeous xx

  5. Dear god it's a beaut!..Nars here I come! xx

  6. Oh Karen that's stunning on you!

  7. Oh my god Gorgeous shade must get this

  8. I love it I want it!! Was gona get Orgasm but I like this one mucho better! You wouldnt come over & put it on for me though could ya cos i always look like Crusty the Clown when I try to put on blush? :-P

  9. Wow, such a stunning shade on you! I want!!!

  10. It's absolutely stunning on you! All glowy and shizz :)


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