Monday, January 14, 2013

NYC Natural Matte foundation review, before & after photos

January is a tough month to get through after spending up a storm in December.  Pay day seems miles away and we're all watching our pennies but fear not, we don't have to curb our spending in terms of make up because budget brand NYC have some great foundations for everyone and I've got some to show you over the coming weeks.

First up is the Natural Matte foundation.  At €3.49, this foundation is suitable for all skin types and promises 8 hours sans shine.

When I first saw the formula, I thought it looked really thick and prepared to cement it all over my skin but it smacked me upside the head and taught me not to judge a book by it's cover, or a foundation by it's consistency in this case.  It has a powdery scent which I love and takes me back to the days when I first fell in love with make up but I can't put my finger on what it is.  Either way I love it!

Although the foundation looked thick, it applied like an absolute dream.  As you can see from the photos below, it evened out my skin tone and covered up any blemishes without looking like I was wearing a mask.  In the past I've found matte foundations really drying on my skin but that wasn't the case here.  It actually reminded me of a BB cream in terms of texture and finish.  On my oily combination skin, the shine stays away for a good 5 to 6 hours, only starting on my schnozz and forehead.  Bloody oily t-zone is the bane of an oily skinned lady's life!  

I'd definitely recommend giving this a go if you're looking for a great affordable matte foundation!  NYC have done it again!



  1. Wow it looks really nice!
    Thanks for swatching it - not even because January is quite a poor month but also because it's nice to try something cheap but great :)

  2. Looks lovely on you and not too heavy which is always a concern with budget matte foundations xo

  3. Looks brilliant but as I'm a dry skinned lady I'll be keeping an eye out for your posts on other NYC foundations. If it's under four quid I'll give it a go!

  4. It looks surprisingly light considering the consistency of it out of the tube, but I'm also dry-skinned so I don't think this one is for me! Still love NYC though, find them very hard to find lately, our two local stands are gone :(

  5. A-mazing foundation, a light matt coverage. very nice - definately a win win for NYC products. D :)x

  6. I have this and I love it for days when I want to go for a natural look. It's so similar to a BB cream and really light. I love that it didn't give my pale skin and orange hue. Looks great on you!


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