Sunday, February 17, 2013

Favourite Five posts of the week from my fellow bloggers - Week 7!

Was it just me or did this week fly by?  There

1. The Sunday Girl is one of my favourite bloggers and always has brilliant swatches of make up products and makes me want to buy all the things!  This week is no different but this post immediately spoke to me the way make up posts do.  Check out these gorgeous lipsticks from Maybelline.  I need them in my life and on my face.

2. Muhsine from Bubblegarm wrote about her new mission to eat clean and this post totally inspired me to start doing the same.  Everything looks lovely and I bet you a million squid if I took photos of my lovely food, they wouldn't look this pretty!

3. Lynnie from Lyndar the Merciless gave me inspiration to organise my little unit that I store my nail polish in.  The thing is, I think I want to change what I store my polish in but if I do, I'm still going to try making my own drawer dividers like this!

4. I love mascaras like a little child and this one from Dior, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl has me all intrigued and now I'm going to have to try it.  Click here to read the review by Ruth from A Model Recommends!

5. Laura from All Made Up 21 updated us this week on her latest Slimming World results.  She is absolutely brilliant and I've said it before, but she's a real inspiration.  Click here to read her latest update.

I have to give British Beauty Blogger's Jane an honorary mention for two reasons.  One, she told us that the Maybelline Baby Lips are coming to the UK and hopefully that means we'll get it in Ireland.  Two, she had me and half of Twitter thinking she was getting a treatment on her urethra when in fact she was getting this treatment done!  Too funny!

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