Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lush has Mother's Day and Easter all wrapped up!

It has been ages where I've been sent products that made me go "Oh my God it's so cuuuuuuute" over and over again and while taking these photos last night, I didn't shut up the whole time!

Lush sent a few products from their Mother's Day and Easter ranges and I just had to show them to you right away.  Ok, so Mother's Day is March the 10th so we'll start with that.  Lush is great in that they have something for everyone's budget, be it single items or hatboxes full to the brim with lovely goodies.  I like the idea of making a little hamper with mammy's favourite treats in it like these goodies.

Secret Garden Bath Bomb €3.25
The Secret Garden Bath Bomb is cute.  Soooooooo cute!  It's a bath ballistic that has a frothy outer layer so you'll get bubbles and fizz in your bath.  It's delicately floral with the scent of roses, wild sweet orange and rosewood oils.  I think this is going to hurt me to use it and see the little pink flower disappear but such is life and Karen needs a nice bath!

Lush Mum Reusable Bubble Bar €6.95
Lush are famous for their reusable bubble bar wands and I've gone through plenty of the Christmas versions over the years.  This one, Mum, short for chrysanthemum is bright and uplifting with notes of orange, lime and juniper berries.  When I'm smelling products like this, I like to test myself and not read the release to see if I can describe what I'm smelling and as I sat there saying "Oh it's so cuuuuuuute", I also said that it smelled citrussy and like grass and then went to read what it really smelled like.  Would you believe that the fragrance is described as a freshly mown lawn!  Get in Karen, you know some of your scents.  This also comes in a Tulip and Butterfly version and look equally as cute from the photos.

There's also a Washing Up Fairy reusable bubble bar wand (€4.95) that can be used to wash the dishes which is very intriguing altogether.  First of all, it's more environmentally friendly and you should get around eight washes out of it but I'm telling you, if I bought one of these for mam, she'd knock me on the noggin with it, so maybe I'll treat her to the Mumkin bubble bar (€3.65) which is fruity and will give her a bath full of raspberry scented bubbles just to be on the safe side?

Let's fast forward a few more weeks and have a look at a couple of the Easter goodies.  

Lush Carrot reusable bubble bar €6.25
The Carrot reusable bubble bar is the cutest thing I've ever seen and made me feel like Bugs Bunny as it looks like a cartoon carrot!  You swish the bubble bar around the bath with the green stalks and enjoy the fruity scent that comes from buchu, lemon an bergamot oils, not to mention the carrot oil that helps sooth and rejuvenate the skin.

The Heñata bath ballistic is like a piñata for the bath, except it's a hen.  Heñata!  You can smash the lil' chicken against the side of the bath to reveal hidden surprises like soap paper flower petals and a small ballistic egg!  I've decided this guy's name is Henry.  Henry the Heñata.  And little Henry will be taking a trip to my bath this weekend I tell you that!

Heñata Bath Ballistic €5.95
He's yellow on one side and orange on the other which totally ties in with his citrus scent courtesy of tangerine, bergamot and mandarin oils.  He is a grand man our Henry the Heñata!

Also in the Easter range is The Brightside Bubble bar (€5.75) that I've been meaning to try for ages as it's supposed to be uplifting and citrussy and will turn the bath red and orange.  The Easter Egg Hunt soap (€4.50/100g) has lots of goodies nestled into the soap and looks like a little cartoon.  The Fluffy Egg bath ballistic (€3.95) will leave your bath smelling like marshmallows and The Immaculate Eggception (€8.95) is one of Lush's double layered bath ballistics that contains a mini chick or bunny inside it and I need to try this stat!

So Lush have done it again with their cute, dinky, seasonal products and I'm going to have some fun testing these out.  My poor mam won't get a look in!

See anything that tickles your pickle?


  1. My mum doesn't appreciate Lush stuff I found out recently.....I've been buying it for her for years!

    If I was to buy anything i'll end up using it!

  2. Everything was quite great except for the duck.

  3. Ahh I have so much love for Lush! So glad the Mum wand is back! And that carrot is brilliant! Know where I'll be going on pay day...

    =) xXx


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