Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Favourite Five Posts of the week from my fellow bloggers - week 5!

Behold the five posts that made me go Ooh, Hmm, Wow and other noises made up of three letters.  Well done to my fellow bloggers that give me inspiration and also make me want to buy stuff!

My Favourite Five posts of the week!

1.  What do you do when you've bought what you thought was going to be a gold leaf top coat and it turns out it big fat isn't?  You make your own!  Sharon from Behind Green Eyes made her own and it was so easy!  I'm totally going to give this a go myself!  How gorgeous will this look over red or dark green polish at Christmas?

2.  Mags from Emerald Eyeliner wrote about Things That Make Her Go Meh this week.  It's a brilliant post and some of her choices Made Me Go Ooh!  Make sure you check it out to see if you agree or disagree with her meh choices.

3.  Total make-up addict's Aisling reviewed the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush over on her blog this week.  At an introductory offer of €20 which is so much cheaper than the Clarisonic, I think I'll have to try this out myself!

4.  I do love an aul gimmick and these China Glaze Tranzitions Colour Changing polishes are right up my street.  Scrangie has swatches of the six shades available and that gorgeous blue shade has my name all over it.  Love and need.

5.  Speaking of nail polishes, how did I miss this post from the Dolly Rouge girls??!!  This is the perfect way to store and display my nail polish collection!  I have a little drawer unit that I bought in Ikea but I can't see any of the colours so now I want to do this and am giddy to try it.  Thanks Kat!

Feel free to leave your favourite posts in the comments below!


  1. Um I would love to read the review of the No7 cleansing brush but I think you added the wrong link or am I clicking on the wrong thing? Could you pretty please link it again?



  2. That 'meh' post is genius! Also wishing No7 had come out with that cleanser before the other half forked out 200 for my Clarisonic at Christmas...I'm sure it's an excellent competitor! *sigh* x

  3. Squee! Thanks so much for the mention! x

  4. Thanks again for the mention Karen x :)


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