Friday, February 8, 2013

My favourite perfumes for spring!

January was a weird month for me.  I felt very meh in terms of nail polish and perfume and wasn't enthused by anything really.  But I'm telling you, once February 1st arrived, I was like a new person.  I was full of the joys of spring and ready to wear some light, bright, spring appropriate fragrances.  I'm very traditional in what scents make me happy at this time of year and I need fragrances that will transport me to a field with flowers starting to bloom.  So white florals are my favourite as they bring me such hope that sunnier, warmer days aren't too far away.  But I'll pretty much wear anything that's light, fresh and airy and not too sweet.

I've picked out some of my favourites that will get me through the next few months.  Some are old friends, some are new loves but all smell blahddy fabulous dahling.  And as Valentine's Day is coming up, feel free to give an aul wink wink nudge nudge to your significant other if you see anything that takes your fancy!

Orla Kiely

I bought this scent when it first came out a few years ago and have long since lost the lid.  It's one of the hardest of all the scents I picked to describe and when I tell you that it has green tea, fig, peach, rose, white flowers, musk, tonka bean, cedar and sandalwood, it sounds like a mish mosh of everything.  And that's not even all of the notes!  What I can tell you is that it's light, floral and dries down to a lovely smooth finish.  It also lasts for ages as I found out the other day when I sprayed it on myself at 7am and at noon, one of the girls at work asked me what I was wearing and that it was lovely.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

This was a given to be mine as my love for the body butter and beautifying oil runs deep.  I bought this a couple of weeks ago and it was €11.90 well spent as every time I spritz it on myself, it instantly perks me up and all is well in the world.  It lasts for ages considering it's a body mist.  To me, this is the traditional white floral scent that is perfect for me at this time of year and has gone down well with the girls at work!  I feel sorry for those in the office who mightn't like the smell of this because there's usually at least three of us doused in it!

Mark Jacob Daisy

This is a classic scent for me and my love for it never grows old.  I've gone through I don't know how many bottles of it and makes me feel like I'm running through a meadow on a lovely spring day!  It's a more soft floral than the Moringa one above, smelling like violets, jasmine and gardenia rather than daisies themselves.  Speaking of daisies, I was in a Yankee Candle shop recently and they have a daisy scented candle that actually smells like daisies, not this perfume.  I'm totally getting it.  Anyway, Marc Jacobs, Daisy, classic scent, love it.  You can tell how much I love it by the fact that the lid is still there and looking perfect.  I keep it in it's box for safekeeping.

Balmain Ivoire

I reviewed this in full here but in short, this green floral perfume makes me feel awake and alive without the need for coffee.  It's a crisp, light, bright scent that smells even better on sunny spring days.   It's a more grown up scent compared to the likes of Daisy and Orla Kiely so a possible contender for Mother's Day?

Bottega Veneta

I know this isn't a white floral scent but it's soft, powdery and makes me feel very sophisticated altogether when I wear it.  I love wearing it on days where I don't feel like I need the lift that my usual spring scents give me.  It contains notes of bergamot, pink pepper, jasmine, oak moss and patchouli which sounds like it'd would be really warm and manly but there's just a hint of the unisex about it.  On the rare days where I've been able to sit at my desk at work with the window open because it's a little mild out, this gorgeous scent has made me feel calm and content.  This has also gone down well in work and we've agreed that we feel very posh and sophisticated when wearing it!

Elie Saab

Again, the lid is long gone on this one but that shows how well loved it is!  I bought this a couple of years ago and still understand why it's described as an ode to light every time I spray it.  I reviewed it fully here so go read it should you be so inclined.  Orange blossom, jasmine, cedar work together seamlessly to make this clean, fresh, feminine scent.  This is one of my all time favourites and will keep me going through the summer too!

Roger & Gallet Rose Imaginaire

One of the most intriguing scents that was sent to me last year was the Rose Imaginaire eau fraiche perfume from Roger & Gallet.  You can read my review here but again, this is one I wear when I'm feeling cool, calm and collected.  My favourite part of the scent is about 15 minutes after applying it when the sweetness has evaporated and it becomes creamy, smooth and woody.  This little 30ml travel sized bottle is €17.75 and is the perfect size for carrying around with you.  I have the Ginger one in travel size too at the bottom of my handbag and am patiently waiting for summer to arrive so I can lash that on.

What's your favourite spring time perfume?


  1. I really have to get a sniff of that Ellie Saab - sounds divine!

  2. I dug out my Prada Eau d'Iris again this week, had forgotten how much I loved it while I had a winter affair with Tom Ford's Oud Wood. I used to use Ivoire when I was in college. And now it's back again. I'm officially ancient.

  3. Ellie Saab smells amazing!

  4. Marc Jacobs Daisy is just gorgeous! Sadly, I find it doesn't last well on me. I always have to reapply a few hours later

    BTW, I just discovered your blog and it is so lovely! You have some really wonderful content!

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  5. My fav off late is Daisy by Marc Jacobs! The first thing I loved about it was the packaging, it's so pretty! And, it smells divine! :)

    Juliana x


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